Andrew Garfield Surfs With Autistic Children, Proves He’s Not Heartless After Batkid Fiasco

Anyone who still thought Andrew Garfield was a soulless monster after the Batkid fiasco — it wasn't his fault! — has now been silenced for good. Andrew Garfield taught autistic children to surf in Australia on Friday. See, he does care about children! Do you see the producers of the Academy Awards teaching children to surf? Nope, so obviously we now know once and for all who really screwed over Badkid.

Garfield was in Australia promoting Amazing Spider-Man 2 and took a break to do some charity work. Garfield teamed up with Hunter Connect's Surfers For Autism program which, if you couldn't tell by the name, is a non-profit that raises awareness of "children on the Autism Spectrum those experiencing neurological development disorders such as Autism, Asperger, ADHD, and others."

Garfield joined pro-surfer Joel Parkinson on Bohdi beach and reportedly gave children surfing lessons and cheered them on. He also posed with a Spider-Man surfboard. That's right, Garfield. Never stop promoting. Not even for the children. Just kidding! He took plenty of time to stop promoting and someone probably forced him to stand with that surfboard.

Wayne Hampton, who works with the Hunter Connect, told Mail Online, "It was Andrew's idea to touch base. [He] was very specific in wanting to do something with a local charity that supported children with autism spectrum disorder in the surf." The organization also thanked Garfield on their Facebook page and posted a photo of the actor. They wrote, "Have just had an amazing morning on Bondi beach with the Amazing Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield & Joel Parkinson. Both were incredibly understanding and genuine with our Hunter Connect children whilst catching some waves."

Way to go, Andrew Garfield! Some kids learned to surf and your status as possible-jerk has been fully revoked.

Image: Hunter Connect/Facebook