What's In The MAC 2016 Holiday Collection? Your Wishlist Just Got Much Longer — PHOTOS

The first leaf of fall just fell, and you know what that means — holiday collections are here. Most recently is M.A.C's, and it's a sweet surprise for fans of sugar, the Christmas spirit, and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. That's right: the M.A.C holiday 2016 collection is Nutcracker Sweet, replete with plums, decadent finishes and, because it's M.A.C, a psychedelic avant-garde twist.

Done up in packaging that calls to mind pink and purple latex — the vibe's more circus conductor than orchestra glasses — the contrast with the glow-centric formulas is a jolt to a holiday scene brimming with ornate wrappings. In classic M.A.C fashion, the releases span from deeply office wearable (one Nutcracker Sweet Nude Lip Bag, please), to bold and vivacious with the Sweet Red Lip Bag ($39.50), and a mix of cool and warm finishes in the nine-shadow Eye Compacts ($39.50).

Important side note: The more I stare at the collection images the more I can only think of the Twin Peaks Red Room. It's worth the stare, though, for the Nutcracker Sweet Plum Eye Bag, which neatly ties the theme into a few of M.A.C's bestsellers, like the False Lashes Mascara and Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Stormy Pink ($42.50). There's also a smoky spin on the bag that takes things to a moodier place.

Three brush kits, two face compacts and 13 kits round out the collection — it's a huge one.

M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Smoky Eye Compact, $39.50

The Sweet Smoky Eye Compact is a beautiful stretch of soft neutrals.

M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Peach Face Compact, $35

While the Nutcracker Sweet Peach Face Compact brings a glowing pearlescent finish to cheeks.

M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Red Mini Lip Gloss Kit, $35

Lips up the saturation point with a variety of candied metallic hues in the Nutcracker Sweet Red Mini Lip Gloss Kit.

M.A.C. Mini Pigment Glitter Kit in Nutcracker Sweet Bronze , $35

Eyes can join them with the Mini Pigment Glitter Kit in Nutcracker Sweet Bronze, ideal for dipping a toe in the pigment world.

M.A.C. Nutcracker Sweet Plum Retro Matte Set, $45

Or go for broke with the Nutcracker Sweet Plum Retro Matte Set, exclusive to M.A.C stores.

M.A.C. Sweet Viva Glamorous Lip Bag, $32, and Sweet Viva Glam Lip Compact, $25

There's also the M.A.C. Viva Glam Lip Compact and Lip Bag, all of the proceeds from which go towards help for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

The collection will be available Oct. 27 through Dec. 8, by which time I'll maybe, hopefully, have processed it all.

Images: M.A.C. (8)