8 Columbus Day Memes For 2016 That Sum Up Why This Holiday Is So Controversial

Oh Columbus Day, I really am not quite sure what to say about you. Fortunately, these Columbus Day memes cover some pretty basic ground in a way that might make you wonder why we even celebrate this holiday in the first place.

The origins of the United States is not as commendable as many of us grew up believing it to be thanks to hundreds of children's books and text books that painted the original American settlers as kind and caring people who got along wonderfully with the Native Americans. Hopefully all of us admit and acknowledge now that things didn't actually go that smoothly, and there is no excuse for the terrors and prejudices the earliest European settlers placed on the indigenous people of the Americas.

While it's fair to say that the present-day U.S. government is still working to repay the Native American population for all the injustice it was served throughout the colonization of the United States, I do think that many of us have come a long way in our acknowledgement of the wrongdoings of our ancestors. So now what? Let's observe Columbus Day by looking closely at the man who "discovered America." You're getting off easy, Christopher Columbus, trust me.

Surprisingly, Christopher Columbus can't blame this one on his phone.

He's just telling it how it is.

Or don't.

Though shouldn't we all be using the day to educate ourselves?

It's one of the biggest mysteries of our time.

Remind me why we're "celebrating" again?

Think about it...

Just kidding, they're already here.

Images: Unsplash; MemeCenter; We Know Memes