Kate Upton is the New Face of Bobbi Brown

In an announcement that will be of little concern to Sport Illustrated readers and immediate interest to makeup mavens, Kate Upton is the newest celebrity spokeswoman for Bobbi Brown cosmetics. The model and actress recently declared her attraction to more in-depth projects than, say, preening in a swimsuit at zero gravity or zero degrees, and it appears she is finally making the leap.

The choice is, however, in keeping with Upton's American Sweetheart image. The actress's cheeky grin, blond hair, and blue eyes, as well as her natural athleticism, are ideal for a cosmetics line based on embracing health and natural beauty. Upton broke the news on Instagram with a gorgeous shot of herself in minimal makeup and a white button down. The picture was soon followed by Upton's statement regarding the announcement, in which she said:

I'm thrilled to be the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Bobbi is an American success story – she created a global brand from an idea that women can be beautiful being exactly who they are and I love that.

Perhaps it's our desire to see Upton, or any model for that matter, clad in more than a teeny bikini, but we're excited to see Upton in advertisements that highlight more than her body. Bobbi herself favors a more natural approach to beauty that highlights favorite features and is "about celebrating your individuality," instead of caking on excess makeup to conceal perceived flaws. Leonard Lauder told the New York Times in 2012 that Brown "wants everyone to look like themselves, every woman a queen." Upton's ardent refusal to listen to criticism of her looks makes her an ideal choice to represent Bobbi Brown. Her first campaign will be released in July.