Twitter is Loving Kylie Jenner's Rose Gold Hair

Breaking news, stop the presses — a Jenner did a thing. But not just anything — she did something to her appearance, and, as ever, the Internet caught flame. In an Instagram posted earlier today, Kylie Jenner's rose gold hair made its first debut, alongside the caption "Rose Gold." And, as with everyone else on the Internet, people on Twitter are firmly in favor of her newly pink-tinged platinum locks.

While the color looks purposefully desaturated, it's a warm shade that's unique even while understated. And it's definitely great news for anyone tired of constant saturation upkeep, with the tenth-wash look being more casual than super-vibrant hues. People are on board, with most commenting some variation of "I love this," "best ever," and "to be clear I did this first."

Jenner tends not to stick to hair colors for long, so who knows how many weeks of looks she'll give us with this new shade. In its favor? It's completely Insta-friendly, with her first photo of the rose gold look grabbing 923k likes in an hour, and the second, 326k likes in 22 minutes.

As the photos keep coming, so do the raves on Twitter.

We needed this on a Thursday.

But other people are mad Jenner stole their look.

It's a surprisingly large contingent.

Rose gold is a signature.

Others think the hype might be a tiny bit overblown.

But Jenner does know how to make waves.

Image: kyliejenner/Instagram