This Dog Refusing To Part With A Stuffed Donut Will Help With Your Debate Hangover

Let's get something straight — donuts are amazing and totally addicting. If you want proof, look no further that this dog who refused to part with a donut pillow. Brielle Westwood tweeted a photo of her beloved pooch engrossed in a relaxed pose, a quirky pillow draped around his neck. According to the pup's owner, he has had it on for at least 20 minutes before the photograph was taken, and wasn't willing to part with it.

And who could blame him? Did you know that hugging a pillow can actually help you achieve a better, deeper sleep? It can! Often when we have trouble sleeping it is due to some emotional element — hugging a pillow closer can actually reduce that anxiety and help you sleep better at night. I personally have to sleep on my stomach, clutching my pillow very close. That, to me, is the most comfortable position (and one that I've learned makes me a terrible cuddle buddy at night). And pillows aside, who on earth can resist a donut? They are the great equalizer of the human/canine world.

Brielle's photo has already garnered over thousands of likes and retweets. I bet her dog is feeling pretty good about monopolizing that delicious pillow now. I don't know what I like more — the pink cushion with sprinkles on it, or the dog's face in the photographs. If anything the canine is #lifegoals. You keep living your best life, pup! I'm sure Brielle is fine with you looking so cute and being territorial. These are the photos that blew up the internet:

Be still my beating heart. It seems like a lot of people agree!

Some are even sending their versions of this amazing donut craze.

Many Twitter users are hoping that the dog just keeps the donut.

Someone get this dog another pillow so that her owner never has to take it away from him! And if you are in the market for animals unable to part with things, here are a few more videos you might enjoy.

Dogs Wearing Glasses

Dogs Are Awesome - Funny Dog Videos on YouTube

Dogs wearing glasses are my guilty pleasure. They just look so silly. Why do they need glasses?! Well, hopefully people just keep making video compilations of them anyway.

Turtle Cat


Tiny cats wearing hats always look like turtles. Thus the name "turtle cat" is born. I might be a dog person, but I'm willing to change for a chance at having a turtle cat.

Dogs Wearing Socks

Maymo on YouTube

I think what makes this great is the fact that the dogs have four ligaments to dress in socks. Humans only have two. At the end of the day it's always quantity over quality baby!

In any case, hopefully this has served to lesson the brutal hangover of the second presidential debate on Sunday night. You're welcome, America!

Images: Twitter