'Double Dare' Is Coming Back To Nickelodeon Too

Someone call Marc Summers. Not only is Legends of the Hidden Temple coming to the small screen as a television movie, but Double Dare is returning to Nickelodeon for an Anniversary Special as well. At New York Comic-Con, the Nickeodeon panel announced the one night only return of the game show, and also confirmed movie returns for Hey Arnold and Rocko's Modern Life. It's truly like '90s never left us.

Does that mean that the show is coming back? "Anything's possible," said a panelist who was a producer on the film and SVP of Nickelodeon Original Movies. He confirmed that part of the special includes some content that was shot recently, not just old clips from the '90s. If there seems to be an interest, maybe it could come back! I think the future hangs in the balance of the schedule — so if there's enough people watching and enough fan fervor, today's kids could be playing Double Dare before we know it. The Legends actors are also in favor of hosting a new generation game show, as well.

If the Double Dare return is anything like the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie, get excited. What else did the panel reveal? Dee Bradley Baker used to read books on set, coming in to record his voice was "a much easier gig, and paid a lot more." Kirk Fogg, our favorite host, used to run the course himself before every season and finished it under three minutes every time — though the temple guards didn't do it with him, so that barely counts. He thought the spinning log was the most difficult game. Both Fogg and Baker insist that the Shrine of the Silver Monkey puzzle was really, really hard. Partially because of the second piece, partially because it often wasn't clicked in properly even if it was facing the right way, and partially because the kids would crack under the pressure of being so close to the end. Whatever, I'll take their words for it. Fogg plays a fictional version of himself in the movie, and I'm intrigued by that as well.

What else should come back? Does Disney still own Doug? Clearly, there's a place for the kid in all of us, and the return of Legends, Arnold, Rocko, and Double Dare prove it.

Images: Nickelodeon