Bryan Cranston's 'Teen Talk' Photo from 1985 Is a Gosh Darn Gem — PHOTO

Here is your gem of the day, Internet. Back in the glory days of the universe, the 1980s, Bryan Cranston did a spread in Teen Talk in 1985 showcasing what a stud he was. This beacon of all things celebrity, 1980s, and obscure idolatry must be seen to believed.

Surely we've all been privy to what happens when a star gets the teen magazine treatment. Did you not Scotch tape the glossy pin-ups of the Backstreet Boys and Devon Sawa to your walls in your childhood? Did you not read those Q&As that asked the stars (who likely just wanted to be taken seriously, please!) inane questions like, "favorite color!" "Favorite teen magazine!" and "if you were an animal, which would you be?" (Okay, that one's not so dumb. I'd like to know what animal Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys would like to be, wouldn't you?)

You may be wondering what the Breaking Bad star did wrong in his life to wind up in a spread like this. Cranston actually was a soap star in ABC's Loving in the '80s, so all the soap watching teens had the opportunity to fawn over him in paper form. (Also, do teens watch soap operas? Anyway.)

But rest assured, this isn't just any glossy spread. This spread showcases what a jock Cranston was. You can see him in action playing ALL OF THE SPORTS! The captions underneath are particularly priceless: "Glove in hand, Bryan gears up to practice!" and "who else looks this good after a rigorous workout?"

Not everybody has the opportunity to entirely revamp his image, but there is probably not an image further away from these pics than anything relating to Walter White.

Check out the studly pics for yourself:

Image: Reddit