Miranda Kerr Is The Face Of Escada's New Perfume

If you thought that supermodel (aka: Superwoman) Miranda Kerr's career was slowing down anytime soon, well, you were wrong. Kerr is officially the face of Escada's new fragrance, "Joyful." Already appearing in major campaigns with superstore H&M and (previously) Mango, Kerr isn't exactly unfamiliar with representing a major brand. The job seems to suit her well.

Kerr said the fall fragrance (and Escada brand in general) has a lot of "synergy" with her personal outlook, and told People StyleWatch how perfume in particular has special memories for her, especially when it comes to her mother.

“I remember playing with my mother’s perfumes. She had quite a collection. On her dresser she had all the different perfumes. It was her thing. I didn’t really get my own perfume until I was older, maybe in my teens [but I] remember using rose oils and sandalwood oil — mixing those two together. I liked that balance of the fresh flowers with something that’s very grounding. I think that’s a nice mix of freshness and strength.”

Kerr went on to tell People exactly how she likes to wear perfume (it's Miranda Kerr, so I'm willing to take her advice on anything beauty-related).

“I like to spritz on the ends of my hair, and also on my clothing before I get dressed,” Kerr said. “Just a little spritz on my clothing. It’s a subtle way when you enter the room for people to feel your presence, but not be overwhelmed by it.”

Kerr posted a photo on Instagram yesterday, celebrating the International Day of Happiness as well as her new collaboration with the designer fragrance. The caption reading, "International Day of Happiness spent with @escadaofficial Joyful #ESCADA #JoyfulMoment."

While we're all still wondering how the Victoria's Secret model and mother (yes, mother) continues to do literally everything, we're also looking forward to wearing a scent approved by Kerr. Because if anyone knows what she's doing when it comes to looking (and smelling) good, we're pretty sure it's her.