When Can You Buy Glossier's New Zip & Leo Generation G Lipsticks? This When & Where To Get Them — PHOTOS

Glossier's makeup range has some new additions and an update! Glossier's Generation G lipsticks launched earlier this year and they offered the mouth a sheer, matte pop of color. The lipsticks fall in line with the Glossier aesthetic — simple, minimal, beautiful makeup designed for IRL wear, not Instagram filters! The brand is expanding and adding two hawt new shades to the Generation G lineup.

There is Zip, the first-ever red Gen G lippie; it's a poppy hue with orange tones. Leo came from the '90s — it's a rich and warm cocoa and shares its name with Kylie Jenner's maroon Lip Kit. But these shades are not similar in any way, despite a joint moniker! Glossier created Leo to be the perfect nude for olive and dark-skinned beauties, all the while serving as a perfect brown shade for fairer-skinned lovelies. These noobs up the Generation G repertoire to six shades. When can you buy the new Zip and Leo Generation G lipsticks?

The matte yet moisturizing shades are available on Monday, Oct. 10. They are $18 a piece. As always, Glossier makeup offerings are sold exclusively via the Glossier site, which is the brand's sales platform. I expect the Glossier faithful to scoop up these pout paints in droves, too. I mean, have you seen them?

Generation G in Leo, $18, Glossier

The '90s are back, with chokers and brown lipstick leading the charge. You can totally pair Leo with a black velvet necklace.

Generation G in Zip, $18, Glossier

Zip will add some pop to your lips. Judging by the photo, it's a shade that will be universally wearable for all puckers.

Glossier has updated the Generation G lipstick range in another way besides adding two new hues. The brand has upgraded the product formula, too. I know, that's cause for celebration.

According to the press materials received by Bustle, the Gen G formula now offers an even creamier and more moisturizing slick of color, thanks to triple coated mica, safflower oil, and blue agave. The pigment is designed to glide across your lips and to wear comfortably.

You can swipe any Gen G lipstick onto lips once or twice, directly from the bullet, for a fresh wash of color.

Or you can apply three or four coats for a deeper, more rich, and defined look. Color coverage is totally buildable, based on whatever look you are going for, from barely there to "Oomph!"

You can use a lip brush for a precise look. Or you can apply from the stick and then use your pointer finger to dab for an unfinished, "just kissed my crush" look.

To recap, the Generation G lineup also features Cake, a warm peachy nude; Like, a powdery pink blush; Crush, which is a hot raspberry; and Jam, which has a grape stain effect and is gorge.

There is a shade for everyone with Glossier's Generation G.

Images: Courtesy of Glossier (8)