Which Stila Liquid Lipsticks Are In The Stay All Day Sparkle All Night Mini Pack? Get Ready To Shine

Hold onto your liquid lipsticks, glitter is coming for us all. Sprinkled across runways and holiday collections, the glitter trend is like the equal and opposite reaction to the matte trend that's dominated 2016. Newton couldn't have seen it coming, but the liquid lipsticks in Stila's Stay All Day Sparkle All Night Mini Pack, $39, are proof positive. If beauty brands have their way, lips are going disco ball.

Alongside favorites like Baci, Patina and Fresco, the set of five deluxe-size liquid lipsticks features newcomer Glitterati Lip Top Coat in Transcend, a multi-colored sparkle topcoat that softens any look. The fear of liquid lipsticks is looking flat (the price we pay for lasting power and ultra intense pigment), and Transcend goes for broke with "ethereal elegance" that somehow is both matte and glowy, according to the brand.

Sound like a literal oxymoron? Maybe, but it can work, as predecessors like Kylie Cosmetics's Metal Mattes and Milani's Amore Matte Metallic Lip Crèmes prove. While not exactly metallic, Transcend takes a hint from the holographic looks hot right now (SNL Stefon voice) — if you were into BITE Beauty's Opal lipstick or lipgloss, this is 2016's version. And if liquid lipsticks aren't your style, the metallic options are aplenty, with similar choices in BITE and Burberry's holiday collections (shoutout to Burberry's literal gold sequins).

Into the holographic trend by itself? It's been taken to the ends of the Earth, with well known highlighters like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit, MILK MAKEUP Holographic stick, or the unsung Tumblr fave, Too Faced's Unicorn Tears La Crème lipstick.

And if holographic tends to read frostbite on you (undeniable same), Stila has it covered with their Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadows, allegedly coming for spring 2017. If the staying power is anywhere near their liquid lipsticks, hopes are high that I'll be able to put it on once and then never need to apply ever again. The impossible dream.

Images: Courtesy of Brand