Kylie Jenner's Rose Gold Hair Is Everything

When it comes to all things beauty related, this girl is never fails to amaze. Whether she’s launching brand new lipstick shades or changing her hair color with no warning, she always manages to keep us on our toes. Photos of Kylie Jenner’s rose gold hair will have you absolutely head over heels in love with this fall favorite. Because Jenner may shock us, but there’s one thing she’d never do, and that’s disappoint.

Of course, leave it to her to go and dye her mane the color of the season. She couldn’t be more on-trend with this look, and if you weren’t feeling the rose gold vibes happening this fall, I dare say her new ‘do might just change your mind. I mean, her pink-y strands are on another level.

She’s gone from blonde to rose gold, and there’s really no telling what she’ll do next. According to a post on her website, she’s planning on dying her hair red before she returns to her natural hue. She’s also posted to the subscription-based site asking fans what color she should try next. There’s really no telling with her! I plan on enjoying this trendy hairdo as long as it lasts. Because, yes. It’s that good, you guys. Just see for yourself!

This was the initial post of her fabulous new 'do. Clearly, she was getting things started off just right.

Check out how those locks are glistening in the sun. So beautiful.

I'm obsessed with the new look.

She's feeling her 'do, and honestly, I am, too.

She added extensions, so there's even more rose gold coloring to love.

Jenner is so pretty in pink.

You can never take too many selfies post hair color change, you know?

Rose gold lips, rose gold tresses. She nailed it.

Werk it out!

YAS, girl.

Now she looks like an IRL princess, for real.

Rose gold hair + dog ears = ultimate cuteness.

Images: kyliejenner/Instagram (1); kylizzlemynizzyl/Snapchat (6)