Benedict Cumberbatch's 'The Fifth Estate' Trailer Drops: Does Hollywood Support Julian Assange?

Here's guessing it's no accident The Fifth Estate released its first trailer now, as Edward Snowden continues to make headlines in his search for asylum. Because the DreamWorks film, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, centers on another famous whistleblower, WikiLeaks' Julian Assange.

The trailer teases the story about Assange — who leaked confidential intel on U.S. military activities to much controversy — with the tagline, "Some call him a visionary. Some call him a traitor." But, watching the trailer, it's clear which side Hollywood is on — despite Assange's alleged involvement in a sexual assault, The Fifth Estate appears to prop up the WikiLeaks founder. In the trailer's most climactic scene, Assange delivers the following speech: "If we could fine one moral man, one whistleblower, someone willing to expose those secrets, that man could topple the most powerful and most repressive of regimes."

Putting "moral" and "whistleblower" in the same sentence in a script makes you wonder how many screenwriters are currently scrambling to finish first drafts of the Edward Snowden story. If only that hadn't already been a movie.

The Fifth Estate on YouTube

The Fifth Estate, based on WikiLeaks spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg's Inside WikiLeaks, hits theaters Oct. 18. Now, if only someone could leak information about how Lucius Malfoy become the founder of WikiLeaks.

Image: DreamWorks