Kristen Bell Wants More Taxes For the Wealthy, Fox News Goes Crazy (As Usual)

Even more proof that Kristen Bell is a beast and basically fears no one. The actress recently took to Twitter to comment on how the wealthy should pay higher taxes, and though Fox News slammed Kristen Bell for saying rich people should be taxed more (as Fox News does), she did not back down. Amen to you, sistah.

Expressing herself on social media, Bell tweeted, “Sorry RNC – rich people SHOULD pay higher taxes because they can afford it. End. Of. Story. Xo a rich person.” Later, the conservative news network's Neil Cavuto thought he was funny when asking, “Should the star of Veronica Mars just go live in Mars?” as the introduction to his segment Your World With Neil Cavuto. Wow. That joke is too terrible to even merit a "womp, womp."

In an effort to slam Bell's opinion more, Cavuto then had a guest on his show who was, gasp, a rich person, to reveal just how much he disagreed with Bell. Dave Maney, the CEO of Deke Digital, took to the show to criticize Bell, asking why she didn’t just donate some of her money to the government. He also made digs over the fact that her Veronica Mars film wasn’t doing too well in the box office (NOT TRUE), forgetting that she just starred in the freakin’ monster hit Frozen.

Between the “blah blahs,” Maney basically shamed Bell, and accused her of publicizing her feelings about taxes simply to get attention.

“It was a good way to get her name in the news,” Maney said. “Here we are talking about it.”

The rich person who doesn’t like to be taxed continued his rant about the actress saying, “There’s actually an office in the U.S. Treasury that accepts—it’s literally called the gifts to the U.S. government… and you can spend as much as you like of your take home pay to the U.S. government.”

However, he also noted how making a contribution doesn’t necessarily give you any credit, so there’s really no telling as to whether or not Bell has or has not sent our government money. Expressing your views on politics is normal, but I doubt most people the public know how much or how little they’ve donated to the government. It doesn’t exactly feel like one of those things that typically come up in casual conversation.

Yet big CEO man decided to keep talking and made up a new word, telling Cavuto, “What I think she’s doing in a certain way is being what I would call being ‘selferous,’ which is being selfish while appearing to be generous.” Yet it's probably accurate to say that he doesn't even know anything about her donation history, so it’s not quite fair to state that she’s a selferous person. Plus, are we saying that a selferous individual is worse than just being plain selfish? At least she’s highlighting the issue, and, as someone of affluence, is admitting to feeling the need to be taxed. She’s not fighting against it (unlike some people), and I’d say that’s pretty selfless and generous to begin with. She’s selflenerous, guys. You can go home now, Fox.