Isaac Hanson Just Had His Third Kid, So Where Are the Hanson Brothers Now?

So, Isaac Hanson just welcomed a baby girl with his wife Nikki. His daughter, Nina Odette, is his third kid. That's right — his third. The oldest Hanson brother has two other kids, Clarke Everett, who is 6, and James Monroe, who is five.

Wait a second. What happened to the guitar-playing, long-haired, least popular Hanson brother? (Sorry, Ike, it was true; more preteens definitely signed their names as "Mrs. Taylor Hanson" and "Mrs. Zac Hanson" than "Mrs. Isaac Hanson.") How did he grow up so fast? Wasn't it just yesterday that these guys were getting mistaken for girls and climbing the charts with their nonsensical but total earworm of a hit, "Mmmbop?" (To refresh your memory, take a listen here.) The song came out in 1996, and their album, Middle of Nowhere, hit record stores in 1997 — so it's been a whopping eighteen years — a whole voting-aged person — since these boys (sorry, MEN) covered the glossy teen magazines and the radio stations.

So where are the former Mmmboppers now? Here's a look at the Hanson brothers from when you remember them — to now. Be prepared to feel old.

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Taylor Hanson, Then

Remember the long haired heartthrob of a lead singer and keyboard player? He was just 13 when this song was recorded. His voice had barely changed yet (listen to “Where’s The Love” to remember that.)

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Taylor Hanson, Now

The boy is a man! He celebrated his 31st birthday on March 14th. He has five — five! — kids with his wife. The couple welcomed Wilhelmina Jane in October 2012, and she joined Ezra (born in 2002), Penelope (2005), River Samuel (2006), and Viggo Moriah Hanson (2008). Taylor and Natalie have been married since 2002.

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Zac Hanson, Then

The youngest Hanson brother was just 11 when “MMMBop” hit the radios. He sounded quite young, too. Remember his youthful pipes on the song “Lucy” — the song about the beloved Peanuts character? This drummer boy won the hearts of many…and dare I say it, myself included.

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Zac Hanson, Now

SO GROWN UP, right? He’s also a dad! Now 28, he’s the father of Shepherd, who is 5, Junia Rose Ruth, 3, and George Abraham Walker, whom he and his wife Kate welcomed this October.

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Isaac Hanson, Then

Eldest bro Isaac was just 16 when the album dropped. His voice had already changed — remember those harmonies? Listen to the lower vocal line in “Thinking of You” as a reminder.

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Isaac Hanson, Now

The 33-year-old just had a baby! As mentioned earlier, Nina Odette is joining Clarke Everett, James Monroe, and his wife, Nikki.

And check out those shades, man. He surely went from awkward teenager to super suave lookin’ grown-up.

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The Boys, Then

1996 was a special year for everyone. Remember, though, they just wanted to make music, not be on your t-shirts and walls. Whoops.

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The Boys, Now

They’re still making music! Their most recent album, Anthem, has been available since summer 2013. Their sound has completely changed, and Taylor identifies them as a “rock and roll band.” They’re legitimately musicians, who have evolved and grown up with their fans (even if a lot of their fans still live in nostalgia land).

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