Isaac Hanson Just Had His Third Kid, So Where Are the Hanson Brothers Now?

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So, Isaac Hanson just welcomed a baby girl with his wife Nikki. His daughter, Nina Odette, is his third kid. That's right — his third. The oldest Hanson brother has two other kids, Clarke Everett, who is 6, and James Monroe, who is five.

Wait a second. What happened to the guitar-playing, long-haired, least popular Hanson brother? (Sorry, Ike, it was true; more preteens definitely signed their names as "Mrs. Taylor Hanson" and "Mrs. Zac Hanson" than "Mrs. Isaac Hanson.") How did he grow up so fast? Wasn't it just yesterday that these guys were getting mistaken for girls and climbing the charts with their nonsensical but total earworm of a hit, "Mmmbop?" (To refresh your memory, take a listen here.) The song came out in 1996, and their album, Middle of Nowhere, hit record stores in 1997 — so it's been a whopping eighteen years — a whole voting-aged person — since these boys (sorry, MEN) covered the glossy teen magazines and the radio stations.

So where are the former Mmmboppers now? Here's a look at the Hanson brothers from when you remember them — to now. Be prepared to feel old.

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