16 Genius Items For A Night In Without FOMO

FOMO: It’s a real and actual issue, even for the most introverted among us. A night in can be a much-needed therapeutic break from work and people, but there’s always that little hint of guilt that accompanies it. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to make staying at home fun when you’re alone, as well as some solid reasons why staying in can be better than going out. (Hint: They all involve doing whatever the hell you want.)

Personally, I’m one of the most reclusive people in my social group. I have absolutely no problem working from home every day, I’ll turn down plans if I’m in the middle of an intense knitting project, and I love watching TV alone because no one talks through the dialogue or complains about the subtitles. That being said, sometimes I do get a little restless thinking about all the stuff I could be doing, even if I could use a low-key night to recharge my batteries. That’s why it helps to have some things that keep you entertained when you’re by yourself. In other words, turn off your Snapchat for the night, forget about what other people are doing, and try a few at-home activities that are better alone.

1. A Padded Bathtub Is Superior To All Other Activities

QuiltedAir Bath Bed, $40, Amazon

Turn your bath into a sanctuary with this QuiltedAir bath bed. It’s waterproof, mildew-resistant, cradles your whole body with a quilted material, and suction cups right onto the side of your bath to prevent slipping.

2. Color All Your Rage Away

Memos to Shitty People, $6, Amazon

Beyond sick of people? This Memos to Shitty People adult coloring book is filled with loads of beautifully intricate designs as well as profanity-ridden phrases, so you can get all your rage out with the prettiest colors imaginable.

3. Make Your Living Room A Movie Theater

LED Full Color Projector, $69, Amazon

Turn any wall or hanging sheet into a full-blown movie theater with this LED full color projector. It’s small, but clear and powerful, and you can easily hook it up to your favorite device or video game for a night full of entertainment.

4. Smear Mud On Your Face For A Spa-Like Facial

Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask, $15, Amazon

Smearing mud on your face might not sound like an ideal night-in activity, but this Aria Starr Dead Sea mud mask is great for removing impurities, like blackheads, blemishes, and dead skin.

5. Do A Craft That You Can Hang In Your Space

Craft-tastic String Art Kit, $20, Amazon

Jump on the Pinterest string art craze with this Craft-Tastic string art kit. It’s got canvases, string, and pins, so you can turn your night into something that feels productive, and your wall into something that complements your style.

6. This Massage Pillow Is Way Superior To Heels

Zyllion Pillow Massager, $50, Amazon

Yeah, your friends might be out, but if they're in heels, it's probably killing their backs right about now. This Zyllion pillow massager looks sleek and modern, but it’s actually a luxury Shiatsu massager that heats up and changes direction to relax all your muscles.

7. Bring The Manicure Salon Home With You

UTILYZE Electric Manicure & Pedicure Set, $55, Amazon

With nine different attachments and ten different speeds, this UTILYZE electric manicure and pedicure set is an awesome tool for a spa-level manicure at home. Since it’s great for both shaping and calluses, it totally eliminates the need to go to the salon.

8. This Wardrobe That Fits Your Mood

PajamaMania Fleece Onesie (XS-XL), $30, Amazon

From September to April, whenever I’m home, I’m in my onesie. This PajamaMania fleece onesie is ridiculously comfortable, insanely warm, has non-slip grips on the feet, and will make you really happy you’re not in public right now.

9. Tea Is The Best Beverage For A Night In

Camellia Teapot, $26, Amazon

A night at home is never complete without a cup of tea. This awesome Camellia teapot brews your tea in one container. It’s safe for the stove or the microwave, and you can put it in the dishwasher when you’re done.

10. A Bean Bag That’s As Lazy As You Are

Bean Lazy Ipad, $30, Amazon

If you’re tired of holding up your phone or E-reader, this genius invention frees up your hands with its cute beanbag shape. You can use it with a cookbook or in bed, and it comes in a whole range of different colors and designs.

11. Sing As Loud And As Off-Key As You Can

Electrohome Karaoke Machine, $80, Amazon

Sing at the top of your lungs with this Electrohome karaoke machine. It plugs into your phone, TV, or laptop, and it comes with a working microphone and a karaoke kits CD.

12. Blast Your Music And Enjoy A Light Show

Sharper Image Sound-Responsive Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $19, Amazon

Hands down the best part of being home alone is blasting your (emphasis: your) music. This Sharper Image sound-responsive wireless bluetooth speaker lets you play anything wirelessly from your device, and it’s got a light show that matches any mood.

13. Be Productively Destructive

Wreck This Journal, $11, Amazon

The idea of a fresh, clean journal can be intimidating, but the Wreck This journal encourages creativity and destructive acts with an innovative prompt on every page, like “paint with coffee” and “color outside the lines,” so reviewers are saying things like, “The most fun I've had in years!”

14. Start Your YouTube Show

Eye-Pro iPhone Camera Accessories, $30, Amazon

Shoot your own professional photos, selfies, or web series with these Eye-Pro iPhone camera accessories. It comes with everything you need (like a stand, selfie-stick and several clip-on lenses) to get your smartphone up to speed.

15. Bath Time Does Rock

Bath Time Rocks, $10, Amazon

Don't underestimate the rejuvenating effects of a luxuriously indulgent bath. These bath rocks are lavender scented, and they've got shea butter and essential oils to keep you skin feeling soft, too.

16. This Giant Faux Suede Bean Bag

Waldo Faux Suede 5 Feet Bean Bag , $120, Amazon

This giant faux suede bean bag is available in six different rich shades, which make the perfect tool for your solo nap sessions.

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