Dogs Reacting To Magic Is The Most Beautiful Thing To Happen All Weekend

If you're looking for something to help you smile through your Sunday morning hangover, look no further. There's now a YouTube video of dogs reacting to magic that is guaranteed to make anyone smile. And by magic, of course, we mean the illusions and card trick variety. If you were thinking the other kind, now might be a good time to go back to bed.

The trick in the video is a simple case of making a treat disappear, but the reactions are spectacular. Dogs look at the empty hands in absolute befuddlement. They search the surrounding area. They look over at their owners in despair. One backs away, barking at the magician. I don't speak Dog, but if I did I'm fairly sure that would translate to "You're a witch!"

The man behind this video, Jose Ahonen, is a Finnish mentalist and magician, and I supposed we really ought to dislike him for disappointing so many cute canines by disappearing their eagerly anticipated treats. But it's hard to be mad at anyone who creates a video this adorable. He and his doggy co-stars deserve some sort of award. As dog lover, it is definitely my new favorite thing. So Enjoy!

Jose Ahonen on YouTube