These Hillary Clinton Debate Memes Are Great

The second presidential debate wasn't supposed to be a primetime event more explosive than Sunday night football. And yet, after the Washington Post released 2005 audio footage featuring Republican nominee Donald Trump's lewd comments about women, the news cycle exploded. Trump's scandal begat a cringe-worthy apology, the unearthing of even more damning footage, and one of the best SNL cold opens of the election season. If you think Trump's antics can eclipse the humor of the Democratic nominee, you'd be wrong. Instead, Hillary Clinton second debate memes speak to the candidate's standout moments on the big stage. Remember, her performance at the first presidential debate gave us the Clinton shimmy.

Viewers were ready for more highlights from the former Secretary of State as she faced off against the real estate magnate. A bit of pre-debate fireworks had already occurred prior to candidates taking the stage at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Trump held a press conference with four women who had accused Bill Clinton of alleged sexual misconduct — all claims which he has denied in the past. Though Hillary for America Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri issued a statement, the Democratic candidate herself has yet to address the conference nor has she explicitly addressed the 2005 audio footage, colloquially known as the Trump tape, a strategic move that can only bring about more meme-worthy moments as even more political fireworks pop off.

Of Course, The Shimmy Came Back

Viewers Were More Than Ready For Clinton To Come Out Swinging

They Knew She Was Prepared

Very Prepared

For Whatever Came Here Way

Viewers Were Willing To Share Some Debate Tips

As Soon As Clinton Took The Stage, It Was On

The fact that the two candidates refused to shake each other's hands was a major moment of contention. The town hall format is slightly less formal than having Clinton and Trump behind podiums. A lack of handshake sends a strong message no matter the setting. Those in the audience were heard booing the candidates as they made their ways to their chairs. Clinton recovered from the perceived slight in record time. Her first mic drop moment came when quoting Michelle Obama.

First Ladies Know What's Up

And Know How To Drop Truth Bombs

We're Talking Major Truth Bombs Here

While Also Touting Her Credentials

[Twitter Embed:]

Few Of Trump's Distractions Could Phase Clinton

Trump's Scare Tactics Couldn't Spook Her, Either

And Neither Could His Interruptions

The Debate's Been Quite The Exercise In Patience

Kind Words Were Kinda Said In The End

Ultimately, the debate proved to be more of an off-topic affair than anything. Trump had trouble answering questions directly and Clinton was frequently caught up in responding to the Donald rather than addressing undecided voters and the moderators hosting the event on Sunday night. During even the most trying sections of the debate, social media came up bigly with a bevy of memes to make it more bearable.

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