These Trump Second Debate Memes Are LOL-Worthy

The second presidential debate kicked off on Sunday, Oct. 9 at Washington University in St. Louis. Sunday's debate was especially important given its timing in the midst of yet another disturbing scandal facing the Trump campaign. Over the weekend, The Washington Post released tapes from 2005 of former reality TV star and GOP nominee Donald Trump bragging about his ability to grope women because of his "star" status. As Trump prepares for the second debate, where he will likely have to address the recording's content, there are a number of memes that will help get you through the night with a little comic relief.

It has been a rough past year watching the Trump train tear down the country, and he did it really fast. Since June 2015 when he announced his campaign, Trump has come after undocumented immigrants, the Mexican community, black Americans, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, the disabled, women, and those with intersecting identities.

His most recent troubling release not only targets women, but also specifically victims and survivors of sexual violence. While some have suggested that Trump's disgusting comments amounted to simple "men's locker room banter," we, who have experienced the violence that Trump can be heard describing in those tapes, are not interested in apologist rhetoric. In truth, the last 72 hours have proven that Trump's is a sinking ship, so let's all get on board and watch.

In order to hopefully get through what can only be another night of gaslighting from the Republican nominee, here are the Trump memes that can make us laugh along the way.

Honestly, This Speaks For Itself: It's Over

Where is the lie?

When The Trump Ship Sinks

I'm afraid of him taking us all with him.

When He Says He's Good For Women

Any women out there feel like Trump is good for you? Find me, please, I need to know more.

How The World Is Watching Trump Tonight

Need I say more? So many of us, right now.

When Reminded About Trump's Offensive Campaign

Trump out.

And When It Comes To Trump's Words

He just has the best words, though, doesn't he?

Anyone Else Sick Of Hearing About The Damn Locker Room?

Say it one more time, I dare you.

Can Anyone Confirm The Status Of Trump's Health?

Release the records, Trump!

OK, And Who Else Feels This Fear When They See Anything About The Donald?

Mr. Trump, please, you're not very approachable with the mask on and it's not helping your debate performance.

When He's Hardcore Creeping

Mr. Trump, can you just back up a little bit, though?

What Do Y'all Think? Any Respect For The Donald?