Trump Comments On Humayun Khan During The Debate

During Sunday night's debate, GOP nominee Donald Trump made several offensive statements, as expected. After spending the weeks that followed the Democratic National Convention insulting the Gold Star family of Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in the Iraq War, Trump said that Khan would be alive if he were president in 2004. No, it is not surprising that Trump would make such a repulsive statement, however, that does not make it any less offensive.

In July, Khizr Khan, father of Humayun, spoke at the DNC and was joined on stage by his wife, Ghazala. In his speech, Khan questioned whether Trump knew about sacrifice and whether he owned his own copy of the Constitution, since he didn't seem to be familiar with its contents. Khan noted Trump's violent and hateful rhetoric toward the American Muslim community, and his calls for racialized policing of Muslims.

The former reality TV star fired back at the Khan family in a series of abrasive tweets and TV interviews, the only way he knows how. When he first responded to the comments in an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on July 30, Trump suggested that Khan's wife Ghazala maybe didn't share any words on the stage of the DNC because she "may not have been allowed to speak because of her religion."

For Trump to spend weeks insulting and attacking the Khan family and then suggest that their son would be alive today had he been present in 2004 is disrespectful, offensive, and infuriating.

Trump has proven over the course of his campaign — time and time again — that not only is his platform based on lies and a lack of policy depth, but also abusive rhetoric and behavior. The GOP nominee has made his mission and his voice extremely clear, by isolating African Americans, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, women, the disabled, undocumented immigrants, and the Mexican American community.

When he said during the debate that Humayun Khan would still be alive today, Trump crossed yet another line. I am tired of waiting for "what's next" from Trump. We know what's next, and it is not pretty.