Here's How Kylie's Moon & Maliboo Lip Kits Differ

The girl knows her nudes. More specifically, she knows nude, matte lip colors. Kylie Jenner's four fall Lip Kits are landing on Wednesday, Oct. 12 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. The makeup mogul's new Lip Kit shades are like glam updates to previously existing Lip Kit shades. The Trick Lip Kit is a blue black, reminding me of KyMajesty and Dead of Knight. The Moon Lip Kit is a cool nude, similar to Maliboo but also like OG shade Dolce K in certain lighting. Pumpkin is the lil' sister of the orange 22 Lip Kit, while Spice reminds me of a mashup of the pink Posie K and the strawberry Kristen.

No, the fall Kylie Lip Kit colors are not too similar to current shades — they are just inspired by hues Jenner has already done. And yes, they are all matte-ificent! However, of all the fall KLKs, Moon intrigues me the most. How does the Moon Lip Kit differ from Maliboo, which landed as part of the summer collection? I analyzed the main difference between Moon and Maliboo.

Based on the videos Kylie Cosmetics posted on the brand's Instagram, Moon looks like a nudish brown with a touch of pink. But when swatched against Maliboo, it has more of a grey and earthy tone, at least to my eyes. Moon is more of a "greige," which is a grey x beige mashup and is quite popular. It's anything but basic or boring, though!

Observe Moon.

That's Moon IRL... well, as IRL as Instagram can be.

Moon is at the top and in certain lighting, it has a pink x brown x beige vibe.

Ah, there it is! When swatched against Dolce, which is a deep, beige nude, and Maliboo, which is a light, cool-toned nude, you can really pick up the grey tones in Moon. When sandwiched between the two, you can see the Moon is more grey than Dolce and is darker than Maliboo.

Here's another look at Maliboo. The differences aren't as subtle as they first seemed. Keep in mind that your natural lip color and how many coats you use of these liquid lippies can effect exactly how the color looks on your pucker. That means #options and being able to customize a different lip look daily.

All of the fall KLKs are super pretty and autumn-appropriate. But really, you can wear any of these shades well past the "pumpkin spice everything" season. Happy shopping the Kylie Cosmetics Fall 2016 Lip Kits on Oct. 12.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (4); Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics (1)