This Hack Gives You A Perf Glitter Mani Every Time

As gorgeous and festive as glitter nail polish can look, it can also be a pain to apply. But there's one hack you need to know that will help you achieve the perfect glitter manicure every time. Because while glitter is fun as a top coat, it's even better when it fully covers your nails. Simply using the brush to apply it though, can lead to countless layers of polish building up (and take way too much time, to boot). So thankfully, there's a way to get totally opaque coverage with your favorite glitter that won't leave your nails feeling twice as thick when you're done.

And the best thing about this method is that it's beyond easy. All you need besides your glitter polish of choice is a makeup sponge. While I wouldn't recommend using your beautyblender or other favorite makeup sponge for this hack, as it will end up with glitter all over it, traditional, wedge-shaped sponges or even the sponges you never used that came with your powder compacts will do the trick. Oh, and no need to worry over how to remove an opaque layer of glitter nail polish. Even though glitter can be pretty stubborn, all you have to do is follow this simple hack, and the glitter will practically fall right off. So if you want your glitter mani to go from looking like this... like this:

Here's all you need to do:

Step 1: Paint the Sponge

Simply take your makeup sponge and either fold or cut it to the size you need. Then apply the glitter polish to the sponge. The sponge will actually absorb some of the polish but not the glitter, so the glitter will stick to your nails without the polish creating thick, goopy layers. Just try to keep the glitter in a small area of the sponge so it can be placed directly on your nail rather than all over your finger.

Step 2: Dab on the Polish

If you're worried about getting glitter everywhere though, before you start applying polish, first line your nails with a polish guard or tape. Then, simply take your makeup sponge with glitter polish and dab it over your nail. You may need to reapply the polish to the sponge and dab it on your nails a couple of times depending on what glitter you use to ensure that your nail is completely covered.

Then all you have to do is repeat for each nail. Don't forget the sides and tips of your nails. If you have trouble placing the glitter, you can always push it around with the sponge or a toothpick while the polish is still wet to make sure there are no gaps. Once you're done, seal everything in place with your favorite top coat.

And yes, you'll definitely want to take this mani out in the sun to watch it sparkle.

Images: Miki Hayes (6)