How To Get Free Stories From Your Fave Authors

Looking to have quality fiction show up in your inbox? Then you will be excited to hear about the new Season of Stories from Penguin Random House. And what is that you ask? It's a free, serialized newsletter that will send you stories from some of your favorite authors — and maybe some new voices you haven't even discovered yet.

The project will only be going on for a limited time (hence, presumably, the title "Season of Stories"), but it looks to be pretty cool while it lasts. Every week, those who subscribe will receive a story from a different Penguin Random House author. The story will unfold in daily emails, one bit at a time, but each story will wrap up by the end of the week.

We created Season of Stories to connect with readers where they spend so much of their time—their email,” said Alana Buckbee, Assistant Director of Community Development at Crown Publishing Group in a press release. "Our mission is to make participants’ inboxes a more literary space, with great stories, and to help them discover previously unfamiliar authors."

Despite the fact that this is supposed to help people discover new voices, though, at least some of the authors seem to be pretty well-known already. The three names that Penguin Random House have confirmed are Anthony Marra, who won a National Book Critics Circle award; Pulitzer-Prize winner Adam Johnson; and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie who has had her work sampled by Beyoncé herself.

Though, honestly, that just makes me want to subscribe more. I will basically show up anywhere that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is. I am also completely on board with the mission of making my inbox more literary. Frankly, it's a little depressing to consider the fact that my inbox sees more spam than literature right now.

Penguin Random House claims they want the stories to feel personal. They are all written in first person, as though someone really was just writing you an email about some cool thing happening in their life. And they also promise to be "the perfect length to dive into while waiting in line, commuting, or during a lunch break.”

Plus, did I mention this is free?

The Season of Stories begins October 11, and you can sign up for it here.

Images: All Bong/Unsplash