Ken Bone Tributes Show He Is An American Hero

The second presidential debate was largely disappointing. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton argued, interrupted, and hurled insults at each other. At the end of the debate, the internet declared a hero. However, it wasn't either of the candidates vying for voters onstage. An undecided voter who asked the Republican and Democratic nominees a question about energy named Kenneth Bone became an internet sensation.

It's a little difficult to decipher how exactly Bone reached his current status. Perhaps it was his down-to-earth relatability, or the charming story of how he ended up wearing his iconic red sweater after splitting the pants of his olive suit. Or it could have been his handshake with Bill Clinton after the debate, or the disposable camera he was spotted snapping photos with after the event. We may never really know what catapulted him to becoming the darling of the debate, but he has, and people cannot stop making tributes to him.

Brands, singers, and even pizza parlors are seizing on the popularity of Bone. Maybe Bone's greatest contribution is giving us the momentary distraction of focusing on something besides the election for a day. If we can spend a little time talking about an ordinary guy in a red sweater rather than Trump's disgusting comments about women, we're probably all better off for it. Below are some of the best ways people have jumped on the Bone bandwagon.

A sock company put Bone's face on your feet

For one of the company's many designs, someone created a pair which features Bone's face and the phrase "Bone Zone" to commemorate this election forever.

The pizza parlor where you can order Bone specials

You truly can find anything in Williamsburg.

Elevate your cleats with the power of Bone

No guarantee that you will run faster, but at least they're a conversation piece.

Sing a song to honor the people's man

Of course the Guinness World Record holder for writing a song a day wrote a little piece about Bone.

Bestowing upon him the Iron Throne

While the characters in Game of Thrones fight over who deserves it, the people have already decided.

There's Ken Bone fan art

What better way to declare your allegiance to Bone than with a drawing?

This adorable dog had to get in on the fun, too

Ken Bone Halloween costumes are for the lazy party-goer everywhere.

Bone fans took their adoration to the streets

A poster says a thousand words.

GQ called him the Halloween costume of 2016

Show your love for Bone by wearing the outfit that helped make his name.

Only time will tell if Ken Bone is the new Harambe. As the election season wraps up in the next month, it's nice to have a little break from all the madness. Thanks, Ken Bone, for making us all think about something else for a bit.