Kristen Stewart Is Facing New Dating Rumors

Although she was once more fiercely private, Kristen Stewart has recently opened up about her love life more. In particular, she's been more honest than ever about her relationship with Alicia Cargile. Recently, rumors have been brewing that Stewart is involved with a new woman, so does that mean that Stewart and Cargile broke up? While nothing has been confirmed yet, it looks like Cargile and Stewart might be "off" at the moment when it comes to their sometimes confusing relationship.

The reason anyone would assume Stewart and Cargile have split up in the first place? Stewart has been seen with St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, on many occasions since they were first spotted together in late August, fueling rumors that they are more than just friends — even though it's true that two human beings can solely be friends and nothing more. The Daily Mail reported that Stewart and Clark were photographed having dinner in L.A. on Aug. 30, about a week before The Sun reported that Clark and her girlfriend, Cara Delevingne, had broken up. Bustle has reached out to reps for Clark and Stewart on the rumors, but has not yet received a response. Cargile could not be reached for comment.

The Daily Mail also noted that Stewart hadn't been spotted with Cargile for "weeks" before her dinner with Clark, which is telling considering how public they had been when the rekindled their romance over the summer, leading to assumptions that Cargile and Stewart have split... again.

In early October, Stewart and Clark were spotted walking in NYC, where the singer attended the premiere of Stewart's film Certain Women. Cargile did not attend the premiere. On Oct. 8, Clark played a show back in Los Angeles, and a photo was taken of the two women backstage:

While I don't like to jump to conclusions, Cargile and Stewart haven't been photographed since late August, which is around the time that the actor started getting closer to a recently single Clark. And this doesn't mean that they're dating, they could just be friends, but seeing as Stewart and Cargline hasn't been seen spending as much time together, it does seem like they may no longer be together or taking a break.