John Lennon's Nonsense Poems, Doodles To Be Auctioned Off & You Can Buy Them

Though John Lennon, member of the hit English rock group, The Beatles, may have died many years ago, his work still lives on. Lennon, who was known for leaving behind some of his nonsense poems and quirky drawings in his book, In His Own Write, which was published in 1964, also left something else for his fans to enjoy. More of John Lennon's poems and doodles will go on sale at Sotheby’s, which holds fine art auctions, this upcoming June 4.

Lennon’s work will be sold in New York, and the collection of doodles, drawings and poems is expected to be sold for approximately $800,000, according to New York Daily News. The drawings and manuscripts are currently owned by publisher Tom Maschler who created the literary award, the Booker Prize, and was the one who encouraged Lennon to publish these works through his books in the first place.

The collection is titled, “You Might Well Arsk,” which only further exemplifies the probable nonsense that can be seen from his poems and drawings. Lennon’s work can currently be seen in In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works, but if you for some reason are a huge Lennon and/or Beatles fan and want the originals or simply have all the money to spend, make sure to hit up this auction.

The poems will range from details about Lennon’s life in his native city Liverpool to things like a drawing of a “National Health Cow,” according to New York Daily News. I’m not sure what a National Health Cow is, but I’m sure it’s worth all the Benjamins.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images