25 Random But Amusing Items Trending On Amazon Now

Online shopping is the absolute greatest. No lines, no price checks, no need for human interaction — just you, your favorite blanket, and a ridiculously impressive selection. Internet purchases are made even better by the countless random but immensely amusing things trending on Amazon right now. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Why should I make my purchases based on the weird stuff that people are buying online? Well, trending purchases on Amazon are trending for a reason, and that’s because enough people have decided that the weird factor has been trumped by the convenient, cool, or just plain amusing factors.

Personally, my favorite place to keep up with trends is Amazon’s Movers and Shakers page. It shows you all the different categories of items that have experienced a significant spike in sales over the last 24 hours. Another great option is the Interesting Finds page, where you can see all the items that people have been purchasing and putting on their Amazon wish lists. Combined, you end up with a whole slew of weird but entertaining products that are trending right now, so you can get a head start on that holiday shopping list or fill your own space with the most bizarre yet amusing stuff.

1. This Alarm Clock That Runs Away From You

Runaway Alarm Clock, $15, Amazon

Trouble getting up in the morning? This runaway alarm clock rolls amok around your bedroom until you get up, catch it, and turn it off.

2. This Violent Pen Holder

Dead Fred Pen Holder, $12, Amazon

Get out all your rage with this Dead Fred pen holder, which is made from silicon rubber and warns all your coworkers not to bug you today.

3. Bring Your Drink Of Choice Into The Shower

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub, $55, Amazon

This Ocean Salt face and body scrub is made with great natural ingredients, and also, it’s vodka margarita themed.

4. Food-Themed Cooking Utensils Are Hilarious

The Cook’s Carrot Whisk, $13, Amazon

This carrot whisk is durable, easy to clean, and shaped like a carrot. Enough said.

5. A Reliable Microphone That Plugs Into Your USB Port

Desktop USB Microphone, $85, Amazon

People are giving this desktop USB microphone rave reviews, as it plugs into your USB port and gives you a clear, reliable sound for your Skype sessions or podcast recordings.

6. Because Science Experiments Aren’t Just For Kids

Crystal Growing Experiment, $15, Amazon

Pretty sure this crystal growing experiment is marketed towards kids, but that hasn’t stopped tons of science-loving adults from purchasing it, as it comes with everything you need to legit grow seven vibrant crystals.

7. Shave (Yep, Shave) All Your Favorite Sweaters

Conair Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer, $13, Amazon

It’s almost sweater weather, guys, and that means that tons of people are investing in this Conair battery operated fabric defuzzer, so they can shave all the lint balls off their favorite winter clothes.

8. Mark Your Spot With A Floating Hippo

Hippo Bookmark, $11, Amazon

This hippo bookmark gracefully swims through your book, holding your page where you last left off.

9. Keep Ombre Alive

TopCase Faded Ombre Series Wireless Keyboard, $6, Amazon

I don’t know about you, but I’m not over the ombre craze. This TopCase faded ombre keyboard fits a whole bunch of Macbooks, looks awesome in the dark, and comes in 20 different color combinations.

10. This Adorable Ice Tray For Dachshund Lovers

Dachshund Dog Shaped Ice Cube Tray, $13, Amazon

People are weirdly excited about this dachshund dog shaped ice cube tray because they’re easy to remove, retain their shape as they melt, and make an awesome conversation topic for any party.

11. This Lamp That Turns Any Color Imaginable

Living Colors Aura Table Lamp, $67, Amazon

This awesome living colors aura table lamp lets you illuminate any room in your choice of 16 million different colors.

12. Nap Wherever You Are

Ostrich Pillow, $11, Amazon

Whether you’re at your desk or at the airport, this ostrich pillow supports your neck, covers your eyes, and lets you take a comfortable nap pretty much anywhere.

13. Because You’re A Ball Of Happiness & Sparkles Today

Unicorn Tape Dispenser, $18, Amazon

This bright and cheery unicorn tape dispenser comes with two rolls of rainbow tape.

14. This Vulgar Display Of Motivation

Get Shit Done Thermal Ceramic Coffee Mug, $22, Amazon

Because nothing says “I’m ready for today” quite like profanity, hot coffee, and saving the environment.

15. Because The Selfie-Craze Isn’t Over

Anker Extendable Bluetooth Monopod, $12, Amazon

Thought the selfie stick craze was over? Think again. This Anker extendable bluetooth monopod has been trending like crazy because of its adjustable angles, Bluetooth connectivity, and handle buttons.

16. Remove Those Pesky Blackheads

ElleSye UBeauty 5-in-1 Blackhead Remover Kit, $8, Amazon

Few things are admittedly as entertaining as extracting blackheads, and this ElleSye UBeauty 5-in-1 blackhead remover kit gives you five stainless steel tools that are both professional and hygienic.

17. Everyone’s Favorite Facebook Trend Turned Plush

GUND Pusheen Snackable Donut Plush, $25, Amazon

Because everyone’s favorite Facebook GIF is the cat, and this GUND Pusheen Snackable Donut Plush would look epic on your bed.

18. This Stress-Relieving Desktop Puzzle

Playwin Mirror Speed Cube Puzzle, $9, Amazon

This Playwin mirror speed cube puzzle looks like something out of Men in Black, but it’s really just a fun and interesting looking puzzle that you can use while brainstorming or blowing off steam at work.

19. These Awesome Harry Potter Pun Mugs

Quidditch Couples Mugs, $26, Amazon

Pick up these Harry Potter themed quidditch couples mugs for your two favorite fans. They’re dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and beautifully handmade.

20. Temporary Tattoo Paper For Making Your Own Design

Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper (2), $16, Amazon

Fan of the temporary tattoo look, but sick of how expensive the really cool ones can get? Make your own! Just use an inkjet printer to print your sketch onto the paper, then transfer the design with a little water.

21. This Beanie That Plays All Your Music

Bluetooth Beanie, $35, Amazon

Warm and cold-weather friendly, this bluetooth beanie also wirelessly plays your favorite music into your ears and lets you make hands-free calls.

22. This Trending Portable Nap Spot

Outdoor Inflatable Lounger, $29, Amazon

If you're prone to falling asleep anywhere, then this portable inflatable lounger is going to be you next-favorite gadget. An air sofa anywhere, any time you want? Yes, please.

23. This Shark’s Butt Makes An Awesome Cup Of Tea

Shark Loose Tea Infuser, $6, Amazon

Not only does this shark loose tea infuser make a mean cup of tea, but it clings onto the side of your cup while looking particularly badass.

24. Dress Your Dog Up Like A Lion

Dog’s Lion Mane, $16, Amazon

People are pretty psyched over this dog’s lion mane costume, which is made for any large dog with a neck that measures from 60 centimeters to 80 centimeters. It also comes with a free tail.

25. Bring Back The 90s With This Gel Pen Set

80 Colors Gel Pen Set, $15, Amazon

Um, who doesn’t feel particularly nostalgic about gel pens? This set of 80 adds a bit of flair to your workday, or helps you seriously de-stress alongside your adult coloring book.

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