See Wet N Wild's Sequins & Stardust Collection

Do you love new holiday collections, but hate that they're so expensive? Well, you're going to love this new launch. Wet N Wild just put together a 15-piece collection that you're going to be instantly obsessed with. If you're wondering what's in Wet N Wild's Sequins And Stardust Collection, the name says it all. There are tons of new products that are all about the shine.

The season of glow is officially here. On top of different companies creating brand new highlighter shades, Wet N Wild is taking it one step further. The affordable makeup brand already created two fan-favorite cheek-shines and their take on the rainbow highlighter, now they're continuing the shimmery goodness with an entire collection. That's right. Everything in this 15-piece line is there to give you the most glow possible.

Inside the limited-edition collection is four different lip glosses, two sets of sparkly lashes, four shimmery nail polishes, four loose pigments, and — drumroll please — another new highlighter. In my opinion, their Highlighting Gold Bar is the star of the show. You can get the entire collection for $35 or buy each item separately. Here's the best part. All of the items are under $5. How incredible is that!

One thing about this collection is for sure — it will sell out fast. Every time the brand brings out a new product it flies off the virtual shelves. There's no telling whether this collection will arrive in stores either. Here's everything in the Sequins And Sparkles Holiday Collection, so you can have a shopping game plan.

1. Highlighting Gold Bar

Gold Bar Highlighting Powder, $5, Wet n' Wild Beauty

For $5, you really can't go wrong with this beauty buy.

2. R-U-Free-2 Dance?

Megalast Nail Color in R-U-Free-2 Dance?, $1, This sparkly purple color would look just as great on it's own as it would layered over a basic color.

3. Ninja Lovelace

Megalast Nail Color in Ninja Lovelace, $1, Wet n' Wild Beauty

This shimmery brown is perfect for fall glam.

4. Studio Glitter & Gold

Megalast Nail Color in Studio Glitter & Gold, $1, Wet n' Wild Beauty

A great gold polish is a staple for the holiday season.

5. I Dream Of Jean Genie

Megalast Nail Color in I Dream Of Jean Genie, $1, Wet n' Wild Beauty

This one is my personal favorite. The dusty blue is absolutely gorgeous.

6. That's The Way I Light It

False Lashes in That's The Way I Light It, $3, Wet n' Wild Beauty

These definitely aren't the most conventional lashes, but the price makes them perfect for a special occasion.

7. Disco Baller Status

False Lashes in Disco Baller Status, $1, Wet n' Wild Beauty

The second pair isn't any more traditional than the first, but they're just as fun.

8. Ring My Bellbottoms

Prismatic Lip Gloss in Ring My Bellbottoms, $1, Wet n' Wild Beauty

The ultra glossy, high shine formula is perfect for pairing with another lipstick or wearing it alone.

9. The Loco-Potion

Prismatic Lip Gloss in The Loco-Potion, $1, Wet n' Wild Beauty

Have you every seen a more pretty peach gloss? I think not.

10. Moxie Brown

Prismatic Lip Gloss in Moxie Brown, $1, Wet n' Wild Beauty

Because everyone needs a great nude gloss.

11. Boogie White Lights

Prismatic Lip Gloss in Boogie White Lights, $1, Wet n' Wild Beauty

This will make any of your lipstick into a high-gloss finish.

12. Ride On My Copper

Color Icon Loose Powder in Ride On My Copper, $3, Kmart

Loose pigments at this great of a price? Yes, please!

13. Heart Of Rose Gold

Color Icon Loose Powder in Heart of Rose Gold, $3, Kmart

This one is a tad more pink that the copper option.

14. Dom & Cherry On Top

Color Icon Loose Powder in Dom & Cherry On Top, $3, Kmart

Sticking to the same color family, this one is a little bit brighter than the rest.

15. Kung Fu Lightening

Color Icon Loose Powder in Kung Fu Lightening, $3, Kmart

It's not exactly silver, but this one is a bit more cool-toned than the rest.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the affordable products!

Images: WetNWildBeauty/Instagram (1), Wet N Wild (15)