Pimp My Novel: Penguin's Traveling Bookstore Truck Is Smarter Than Your Food Truck

A few weeks ago, Penguin's new very orange book truck and its sidekick, the very orange book cart, rolled into Book Expo America in New York City. Stocked with paperbacks from all of Penguin's imprints, the cart is designed like a food truck but meant to provide something many times more satisfying than a hot dog or a grilled cheese: Literature! Fiction! The joy of consuming a riveting narrative!

Unlike the ubiquitous Mr. Softee truck, though, there is only one book truck, so your chances of randomly happening upon the traveling store are slim. (New Yorkers, It's as evasive as the mythical Cinnamon Snail when you're actually hungry.) However, Penguin promises the truck will roll into "book-related events, festivals, and more" nationwide, including Tom Sawyer Day in Hartford and the American Library Association Conference in Chicago. Also on the agenda: Oklahoma, California, and Arizona.

A fun-if-inconvenient novelty much like book vending machines, the truck and the cart can be tracked down on Twitter. If you find the book caravan, you'll be able to feast on a good read from a broad range of titles: you can devour the classics or contemporary fiction. In this publisher's Odyssey across the states, On the Road is on the road, as well as a lot of other titles that don't lend themselves as obviously to puns.

Image: Penguin BK Truck Twitter