'Girls': Hannah's Leaving New York

by Kayleigh Roberts

Girls had its third season finale last night, and it was bittersweet… for Hannah. For everyone else, it was more bitter than anything else. Last week was about letting go, and this week's episode, "Two Plane Rides," pushed that theme even further. Since we're capping off a season here, a rundown of where we're leaving everyone seems appropriate.

Hannah: After watching Adam blossom artistically for weeks, enduring the pain of his partial breakup and her own fears that she'll never realize her own creative dreams, Hannah finally gets a silver lining for her dark cloudy little life. She gets into Iowa's creative writing master's program. It's a dream come true, but will (obviously) take her out of New York. Hannah calls her parents for advice and ends up feeling very zen about the whole thing and the idea that everything important to her will work out around the great opportunity. She breaks the news to Adam just moments before his Broadway debut though, and even though everyone is wowed by his performance, he thinks it was terrible and that it's all Hannah's fault for telling him about Iowa before the show. They fight in the alley after the show and Adam says he's tired of trying so hard to make things work with Hannah. Are they over for good this time?

Marnie: Marnie got caught red…well, in the act, sleeping with Ray last week. This means that coming clean about the dalliance is her only option. She tells Shoshanna about it herself, trying to cushion the news by saying that Shosh will think it's silly that she even cared to tell her. Shosh does not react like this. She reacts about as opposite as possible in fact; she tackles Marnie and screams that she hates her. Marnie's bad behavior is validated though, when Desi makes out with her pre-play in his dressing room. She basically bought the kiss from him (she showed up with a James Taylor pick as a gift), but she's still all kinds of walking on air after it happens. She immediately tells everyone she knows, just like a silly high school girl.

Shosh: Remember when Marnie broke the bad news about Ray to Shosh? Well, this is just a cherry on Shosh's bad day since earlier in the episode, she learns that she won't be graduating from NYU on time due to a failed class. At the play, Shosh corners Ray at intermission and admits that she wants him back, but it's too late for her; that ship has sailed and the rejection is worse than the first time around when the tables were turned. Shosh begs Ray (with actually begging words) to take her back, but he refuses.

Jessa: Jessa continues to be completely disconnected from the rest of the girls, but her story also continues to be the most interesting. Last week, she stole a job from under Marnie's nose working with a famous photographer doing archival work. This week, she learns that she was only hired because said photog thought (so, so correctly) she looked like the kind of gal who could score some drugs. The old biddy Bede doesn't want to get high though; she's looking to kill herself, and she wants Jessa's help. Jessa reluctantly agrees (so Jessa of her), but at the last minute, Bede demands that she call 911 because she realizes she's not ready to die. The fallout from this is more hooking than any of the other girls' relationship drama. I only hope that it isn't forgotten or ignored come season four.

Image: HBO