The Juvia's Place Palettes Are Being Restocked

If you've been looking to get your hands on the Juvia's Place Palettes, then you're in luck. The brand announced on their Instagram that they'll be restocking another round of all four of their bestselling shadow collections. That's not all either. When are the Juvia's Place Palettes being restocked, you ask? The dates are finally here, so it's time to mark those calendars.

Ever since Nikkie Tutorials put these palettes on her Snapchat, the Juvia's Place Palettes have been bestsellers. Now all of YouTube is being taken over with the gorgeous palettes. Even KathleenLights has done multiple tutorials using the shadows. At the moment, the company's Masquerade and Nubian Eye Shadow Palette — the two that people rave about the most — are currently out of stock. That will all change in the month of October.

According to Juvia's Place's Instagram post, the Masquerade Palette will be back in stock on Oct. 25. But that's not the only exciting news for that day. The company will also be launch a mini version of the palette as well. It will have all the same colors with smaller pans and will be available for $25. The bigger version will be available for $30.

If the Nubian Palette is more your style, then you don't have much longer to wait. The gorgeous neutral shadows will be back in stock on Oct. 15. You can get the 12-shade collection for $23.50. Because these two are coming back, that means that you'll be able to snag the bundle of three for $78 as well.

Juvia's October Beauty Bundle, $78,

That's not it either. I've saved the most exciting news for last. The last date to remember is Nov. 29. That's when the company will be launching a brand new palette. Juvia's Place hasn't mentioned what the palette will look like, but they did say in their Instagram post that it would be their last launch of the year.

You'll definitely want to set a reminder, if you're looking to stock up on the palettes. With all the hype going around about the products, something tells me that they won't be in stock for long.

Images: juviasplace/Instagram (1), Juvia's Place (1)