Who Is Donald Glover's Girlfriend?

Add this piece of news to the list of shocking celebrity reveals: Donald Glover and his girlfriend apparently welcomed their first child this year. But, not that recently: According to Us Weekly, they just happened to do it almost 10 months ago. When the news broke on Tuesday that Glover had not only been dating his girlfriend for quite some time, but that they had been raising a child together for almost 10 months, the first question that sprung to my mind was simple: who is Donald Glover’s girlfriend?

It turns out that this couple is so private, she hasn’t even been named publicly. There isn’t much known about Glover’s girlfriend just yet, but with the report that the two are now raising a child together, I’m sure her name won’t be a secret for long.

In the meantime, there are some things that we know about her, including the fact that the two were spotted together back in January in Hawaii, according to a report by US Weekly. At the time, Glover’s girlfriend looked to be very pregnant, and, if the report that she gave birth in January is correct, she definitely was.

There were other sightings too that, until Tuesday, seemed to go unnoticed by the media. In May, Glover and his girlfriend were reportedly spotted out in NYC, according to US Weekly, pushing a baby in a stroller. How the world didn’t get clued into the fact that maybe he had a child with this woman when he was walking beside her with a baby in a stroller is beyond me, but that’s just how good this couple is at keeping secrets.

Until her name is released, we’ll have to use our imaginations as to who Glover’s girlfriend is and how they met, but, in the meantime, we can at least congratulate them on their bundle of joy. That — and their ability to keep it a secret for so long — is definitely something worth celebrating.