7 Sweetest Day Memes To Make You Laugh

Don't know what Sweetest Day is? Don't worry, because as some of these hilarious Sweetest Day memes prove, you are definitely not alone. For those of you who need a quick summary, Sweetest Day is a holiday that exists to share romantic deeds with the person you find to be the "sweetest"... otherwise known as your significant other or crush. The holiday is mostly celebrated in the Midwest, but it is entirely possible the tradition has made its way down to wherever it is you live. It's not as bad as Valentine's Day, I promise.

This roundup of funny Sweetest Day memes covers a range of emotions, including, the sentiment of "what the heck is Sweetest Day?!" and no-shame endorsements of the holiday. You can take your pick as far as which side of the spectrum you fall on.

If you have someone special in your life, then taking advantage of Sweetest Day is not a bad idea. True, you can look at it as just another excuse for candy companies to make money on you, but why not try to think of it as an opportunity to participate in a kind gesture? OK, OK, I'll stop pushing for Sweetest Day, and let the memes do all the talking instead.

Any Pokémon Go fans? No?

Wow, Grumpy Cat actually says something sweet!

Buy yourself a treat!

So precious.

Talk about ungrateful...

But it should be.

Because, ultimately, love is what Sweetest Day is all about.

Images: Miquel Llonch/Stocksy; MemeCenter