We Tried Using Red Lipstick To Cover Dark Circles

In the seemingly neverending world of beauty hacks, using red lipstick to cover dark under eye circles has becoming exceedingly popular as of late — probably because it actually seems to work. It all has to do with color theory, which you probably learned the basics of in an elementary school art class. Complementary colors (aka the colors across from each other on a color wheel) neutralize each other when combined. That means a red lipstick would do a much better job of canceling out the blues and greens under your eyes than something skin toned like traditional concealer.

As we discovered in the video below, there are a couple minor catches. First off, this method definitely seems to work best on medium to deep skin tones, as a true red just overwhelms skin that's beige or lighter. Second, you'll probably still have to use your trusty concealer on top of the lippy unless you're some sort of wizard at blending. Otherwise, this is one of the more legitimate Pinterest hacks we've come across.

If you're curious to see someone else give it a go before you smear Ruby Woo all over your face, check out the clip below for a step by step.