Colleen Ballinger Wants More 'Haters Back Off'

Over the last eight years, you have probably seen a Miranda Sings video on YouTube, as the character debuted on the site way back in 2008. Now, Colleen Ballinger, the actress who brings the plucky, sheltered, narcissistic YouTube star to life is taking her alter-ego to Netflix in a big way, with a series named for one of Miranda’s YouTube bits, Haters Back Off. With such a big YouTube following and excitement surrounding the Netflix series, which premiered Oct. 14, fans are already curious to know how much Miranda they are getting. Will Haters Back Off return for Season 2? In an interview with Bustle, Ballinger says she would love to bring the character back to Netflix for more. "I would be honored to do a Season 2," she says. "We'll see what happens. It was an honor to do one season. What a dream come true. So, even if that's what I get, I'm the happiest in the world right now. So, we'll see!"

According to Variety, Haters Back Off's eight episode Season 1 order “marks the first-ever scripted streaming series for a YouTube personality.” It's always tough to tell with new projects how they'll fare, but Ballinger certainly has the fan base to transition from streaming her YouTube videos to streaming her Netflix show. I would wager that Haters Back Off is likely to get a second season, considering the fact that every Netflix original series has returned for at least one additional run. However, the wait can be pretty lengthy with the average wait for a Netflix show being about a year between seasons. Good thing there is enough Miranda online to last for what seems like a lifetime — eight years makes for a lot of YouTube videos.

So, while you’re waiting for a possible Season 2, here are some classic Miranda Sings videos to watch as many times as you want, whenever you want.

"Shake It Off"

Classically trained singer Colleen Ballinger knows how to make Miranda's covers wholly unique, and the comedian in her also makes them hilarious. This shot-for-shot remake is too much.


Miranda makes Sia's song her own.

"Where My Baes At"

You won't be able to get this original out of your head.

How To Wrap A Present

Vintage Miranda.

How To Twerk

Because we all know how Miranda feels about porns.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Even Miranda joined in, sort of.

"Do The Miranda"

A little love letter to the entire series, expressed through dance.

And, with over 500 videos on her channel, you'll never run out of Miranda while you wait for a potential Season 2 of Haters Back Off. Yay!

Image: Netflix