Rachel Zoe Celebrates Skylar’s Birthday With At Least Three Cakes — PHOTOS

The world lost something truly fantastic when The Rachel Zoe Project went off the air, but that doesn't mean we can't get our dose of Zoe by other means. For instance, her Instagram account. We might not get to hear her classic phrases, but we still get the over-the-top fashion and special moments from her family. Rachel Zoe celebrated her son Skylar's birthday over the weekend and posted pictures of the festivities. Unfortunately, you'll have to imagine the situations that went down during the party. Like Zoe saying "Babeeee" to Rodger when he picked up the wrong decorations. We all know that happened.

It's hard to believe — if you're a fan of The Rachel Zoe Project, that is — that Skyler is already three years old. It seems like just yesterday Zoe was confiding in one of her many assistants and saying that she didn't know if she could handle work and motherhood. And now look! She has two children and one of them is nearing the age where he won't deal with being dressed in her crazy get-ups anymore. Time really does fly.

Zoe and her family celebrated Skyler's third birthday in New York City with balloon hats, cake, and shoe designer Brian Atwood, naturally.

The excited mom captioned the photo below, "Celebrating my love and my heart my angel Skyler Morrison's 3rd Birthday.. #Happybirthday #livinginstyle #NYC #familyweekend."

So cute! Even though that cake looks totally uneatable and made of metal.

Three things about this one: Skyler is adorable, the bottom right should be used for a Rachel and Rodger personalized deck of cards, and the bottom left starts a trend of the new baby looking like he wants to get out of there stat.

See what I mean?

Zoe captioned this one, "The celebrating never ends for Skyler, happy birthday my angel!" How many cakes did this kid have?! At least three judging by the photos. This is why we need The Rachel Zoe Project back. How are we supposed to know if there were even more cakes that weren't photographed? How do we know which one was sent to her personally from Karl Lagerfeld? I have questions!

Images: Rachel Zoe/Instagram