15 "Trumpkins" To Scare Your Whole Neighborhood

Election Day is in just under a month, but another holiday comes eight days earlier. In the true spirit of Halloween, people are carving their pumpkins into the scariest thing they can think of this year: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. These "Trumpkins," as they have been so dubbed, are taking over the internet, and people are coming up with some really creative ways to decorate them, too. The prosumer generation has gone to work and made some actually pretty impressive art. So check out the best Trumpkins from around the Internet.

The appeal of the Trumpkin is truly multidimensional. The pun is worth it alone, but they have the added benefit of being legitimately scary too ― albeit not in the traditional Halloweeny sense. If you choose to flex your creative muscle and make your own, you can also get the satisfaction of smashing it when Halloween (or the election) is over. Something tells me that Trumpkins have a higher than average chance of getting stolen this year though, so if you want to keep yours safe, I’d advise keeping it off your front porch. Enjoy these hysterical Trumpkins, and try not to get too scared.

Painted Trumpkins

Clay Trumpkin

Yuge Trumpkin

Classic Carved Trumpkins

Minimalist Trumpkin

Abstract Trumpkin

Rage-Filled Trumpkin

Actually Pretty Terrifying Trumpkin

On Message Trumpkin

Silhouette Trumpkin

Bipartisan Trumpkins

If you've been inspired, here are some quick instructions on how to make your very own Trumpkin. Happy carving!