ColourPop's Free Shipping Won't Last Forever

ColourPop made fans extremely happy on Wednesday thanks to a bomb announcement on their Snapchat. The brand not only announced their new fall lipstick bundles (which are insanely gorgeous), they also shared some exciting shipping news. ColourPop's free domestic shipping deal is happening for the next 48 hours, according to their latest Snapchat annoncement. That's right, fans. ColourPop will be offering free domestic shipping on orders so there's no reason you shouldn't take advantage of their fall bundle launches and their existing Fall Edit.

ColourPop actually gave Bustle a little sneak peak of the bundles in a Facebook live interview and tour of their facility on Tuesday. While there was no word of what was inside the bundles, fans knew there was something coming. However, no one knew about the incredible deal that they were going to offer — free domestic shipping! With a brand that offers high quality lipsticks at $6, getting free shipping is like the cherry on top of a gorgeous sundae.

According to the brand's post, the free shipping deal is set to begin on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 10 a.m. PT and end 48 hours later at 10 a.m. PT on Saturday Oct. 15. That means you've got two days to take advantage of not only the brand's new fall bundles, but also getting these crazy affordable sets with free shipping.

On top of the free shipping deal, the fall bundles are also incredibly affordable. The brand released three different fall bundles that contain three fall lippies in three different colorways. While an already curated bundle is always exciting, it's the price point that makes it extra bomb.

The fall bundles includes berry and nude shades, red and terracottas, and gorgeous wine hues. Basically, it's a fall makeup lover's dream.

If you've been wanting to snag some new fall lipsticks, ColourPop's free domestic shipping offer and fall lipstick bundles is where it's at. With an amazing price point and killer products, why wouldn't you partake in this awesome deal!?

Images: Colourpop/Snapchat