ColourPop's Fall Bundles Are Such A Good Steal

by Jessica Thomas

If you're a fan of cult-favorite cosmetics company ColourPop, you're probably aware that its products are crazy affordable compared to some of the other options on the market. So when the company announced it would be releasing ColourPop lip bundles for an even more affordable price, I had to do a double take.

ColourPop lip colors normally go for the super reasonable price of $6 — you basically can't find a better price for a matte lip color, and its longwear formula and huge array of shades makes it an even better deal. And the lip bundles bring that price down even more — at $15 for three shades, it breaks down to $5 for each liquid lipstick.

ColourPop is releasing three of the bundles, and they're filled with some of the company's most popular shades. One has orange-toned shades, one has pink-toned shades and one has berry-toned shades. They're different enough that you're getting a great variety in each set, but you could also get all three bundles for $45 and really build your ColourPop collection.

The cherry on top of this amazing deal? ColourPop is also offering free shipping for 48 hours as soon as the bundles go on sale Thursday at 10 a.m. PT.

Each box holds its corresponding shades, and they're full of fall-appropriate shades. Plus, not paying for shipping is an amazing bonus.

So let's see what's in each bundle.

Here's the orange-colored bundle shades.

Here's the pink ones.

And here's the purple ones. See what I mean about none of the shades being too similar? You'll be able to use each one on different occasions and for a different look.

Although ColourPop's shades are super reasonably priced all the time, this sale is convincing me I may need to stock up on liquid lipsticks sooner rather than later.

Images: Trendmood1/Instagram; colourpopco/Snapchat (3)