Tiffany Trump Will Probably Be At The Last Debate

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may have been battling it out at the second presidential debate, but the event was also memorable for its meme-worthy moments. Trump's youngest daughter dodging a kiss from her father was one such moment. Will Tiffany Trump be at the last presidential debate for a repeat performance?

During the second presidential debate, Donald's youngest daughter Tiffany didn't sit up front with her half-siblings. Instead, she sat in the same row as in-laws. But the awkward kiss-dodging paired with seating arrangement might not mean much at all. It's likely that since Tiffany has supported her father up until this point, she'll probably be at the last debate.

After Tiffany's mother, actress Marla Maples, and her father Donald divorced, Tiffany was mainly raised by her mother. This led many to deem her the "forgotten" Trump child, a label she disputes. The recent University of Pennsylvania graduate has mostly stayed away from mainstream media interviews; Tiffany even declined to be interviewed for her own New York Times profile (though she did pose for photos). Still, she has appeared in ads for her father's campaign, and spoke in support of Donald at the Republican National Convention in July.

“I’ve given a few speeches in classrooms, but never in an arena with more than ten million people watching,” Tiffany said during her convention speech.

Tiffany, who is 22 years old, graduated college with a double degree in sociology (with a concentration in law) and urban studies. "She’s got all A’s at Penn, so we’re proud of her,” Donald told People. She previously interned at Vogue, and spent the past summer at a paid internship in communications at eyewear company Warby Parker, according to the New York Times. Tiffany has also delved into music, with the 2011 release of a heavily auto-tuned single, "Like A Bird." For now, she is studying for her law school entrance exams.

While Tiffany's social media presence in the past has included a controversial group often referred to as the "Rich Kids of Instagram," lately it has become increasingly focused on her father's campaign. This may signal a shift towards Tiffany acting as a surrogate for her father, and joining him on the campaign trail as election day draws nearer. The presence of a successful young woman — who also happens to be a millennial — on the Trump campaign trail could be incredibly helpful in the wake of Donald's 2005 hot mic tapes being leaked.