The Moments After Kim Kardashian's Robbery Were Reportedly Secretly Recorded

In the days that have passed since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris, more and more details about what may have happened that night keep emerging, and the latest update is definitely interesting. TMZ claims someone secretly recorded Kardashian inside her apartment after the robbery, supposedly getting those first moments after police responded to her emergency call on film. And what's worse? Allegedly, the video leaked this week, but it was taken down as soon as it hit the internet. Bustle has reached out to Kardashian's rep regarding the report, but has not yet received a response.

In the video, Kardashian is reportedly FaceTiming with someone while police are looking through her apartment, and she doesn't seem to know that she's being filmed. So far, it doesn't sound like the identity of the person who was allegedly behind the camera is known quite yet, but that information is important. As TMZ reports, recording someone without their consent is illegal in France and could lead to jail time and a hefty $50,000 fine — and if this report is true, police are already looking for who that person could be. Thanks to Kardashian's team, if you didn't see the video as soon as it leaked, it seems like you're out of luck, since it's disappeared everywhere it's been shared.

Bustle previously reached out to the Paris Police Prefecture regarding the robbery and received the following statement: "We are not able to respond to your request because a judicial inquiry is opened only the Paris Prosecutor's office which can communicate to the press and the public and to not interfere with ongoing investigations."

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Tuesday, Radar Online was the first site to share Kardashian's post-robbery video. In their description of the footage, Kardashian reportedly remains calm while she's chatting on the phone, which the site points out would be different from the stories that have surfaced that say Kardashian was hysterical afterwards. But Radar did also claim that her reps said them the video was filmed five hours after her attack, and the site admits they don't know when the video was actually shot.

This was obviously a horrifying ordeal for Kardashian, and in the wake of last week's events, filming for Keeping Up With The Kardashians has been halted indefinitely. It's hard to imagine how an experience like that has affected her, but those moments right afterwards are private. Unless you've been in that situation, it's impossible to judge the way she reacted to it.

Here's hoping that despite these constant updates, Kardashian is able to find peace soon. She's been through a lot and deserves a break!