10 Brand Name Hair Products & Skin Care Tools People Say Are Worth The Splurge

I won't lie, I'm not one to spend a lot of money on beauty products unless someone I know is recommending them to me. I trust the opinions of my friends, so when they say that something works, I believe them. That's why I decided to ask around, and find out the best expensive hair & skin care products my friends were saying were actually worth the splurge.

This resulted in me heading over to Facebook and posting a question for my friends to answer. I asked them (while crossing my fingers that someone would actually respond), "What are the expensive hair and skin care products that you actually use, and love so much that you will continue to spend money on them?" Thankfully I have a bunch of friends who are skin and hair care gurus, and the comments started pouring in.

I got so many suggestions that it was actually hard to narrow them down (but I had to, for the sake of my bank accounts). And, it was so fun to watch this conversation unfold as strangers started commenting on each other's suggestions saying that they, too, loved the product. Here is what they had to say about the best expensive luxury hair and skin care products that are worth handing over the dough for.

1. Moroccan Oil To Make Your Hair Silky Smooth

Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment, $39, Amazon

I've actually tried this product, and it is amazing. I used it during the summer of my freshman year in college and through my sophomore year, and I ended up having the healthiest, longest hair I've ever had. This recommendation actually came from a friend of mine who said his mom loves talking about how her Moroccan Oil makes her hair super shiny with just a dime size amount.

2. Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray To Give Your Hair Great Texture

ORIBE Thick Dry Finishing Spray, $39, Amazon

When someone who just finished cosmetology school tells you to buy an everyday hair essential, you do. This hair spray gives your hair texture and fullness without drying it out. It inflates hair for extra thickness without leaving it crunchy, like other sprays do. Plus, it helps to secure a long-lasting style.

3. Purple Shampoo And Conditioner To Save Blonde Hair From Brassiness

Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash And Rinse Duo, $78, Amazon

If you're a bottle blonde, you have to take extra special care of your hair. Purple shampoo can restore your hair's texture and make sure your color stays the correct tone. I had a major hair mishap last year when a stylist dyed my hair orange (I'm not exaggerating), and after I had it fixed up (as much as I could without having all my hair fall out), I relied heavily on purple shampoo to keep the bleached portions of my hair the correct tone and color. Plus, you only use this once or twice a week, so the bottles should last you a long time.

4. Repair Hair And Keep It Silky With A Moisturizing Hair Masque

Hydrate Hydra Whip Optimum Moisture Hair Masque, $53, Amazon

This hair masque moisturizes very dry hair, detangles, and adds shine. It has amazing ingredients like avocado, shea, jojoba, and mango butters. My friend who has the curliest hair that I have ever seen (it used to take her about three hours to straighten it) swears by this product. She said it repairs her hair and leaves it silky upon styling. Plus, it smells delicious (that's because of the peppermint, sage, and rosemary extracts)! She told me that while it may seem like a huge splurge, she uses it twice a month and that means she only ends up buying two pots a year.

5. Get Beautiful Nourished Hair With A Daily Cleansing Treatment

WEN 319 Daily Cleansing Treatment, $80, Amazon

My friend actually recommended this product because it's gluten- and nut-free (two allergies she has). She told me that it makes her hair feel strong, and she doesn't have to worry about "putting any crap" on her hair and scalp. It's free of artificial fragrances, and instead, uses ginger and lotus flower extracts to nourish your hair and scalp. It's an all-natural option that is full of soy and quinoa protein, plus an amino acid blend that WEN is known for. Your hair will be strong and restored back to how it should be.

6. Brighten Eyes With An Avocado Oil Treatment

Kiel's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado, $60, Amazon

This gentle creamy eye treatment is made with avocado oil that moisturizes the delicate skin around your eyes. My friend told me that she finds it super moisturizing, brightening, and restorative. She also said that she uses it on more than just her eyes because of how great it makes her skin look and feel. The texture of the eye cream is concentrated, too, so it won't get into your eyes after application. That means you can actually apply it directly under your eyes without worrying about possible irritation.

7. Wake Up With Beautifully Moisturized Skin With An Overnight Mask

AmorePacific Moisture Bound Sleeping Recovery Mask, $86, Amazon

An overnight mask shouldn't feel too heavy, or else it will be uncomfortable to sleep in. This girl I know recommended this mask because "it is rich without being too heavy or oily, so it feels light on the skin." She said she wakes up with beautifully moisturized skin, and that this product is her go-to during the winter when her skin is really dry. It's made with 5-Hydra complex, which is a blend of Asian botanicals, that are meant to provide hydration while creating a natural barrier while you sleep. Use it a few times a month for best results.

8. Get Rid Of Adult Acne With A Clinically Proven Skincare Regimen

Rodan and Fields Unblemished Regimen For Acne and Post Acne Marks, $156, Amazon

This kit comes with four full size products: a sulfur wash, a clarifying toner, an intensive acne treatment, and an oil control lotion. Together they work to unclog pores, stop blackheads and pimples, and fade post-acne marks. My best friend uses this and says that while it may be pricey, it lasts her about four to five moths. Plus, it keeps her skin clear and smooth.

9. Get Glowing Skin With The Clinique Three Step System

Clinique Three Steps System, $78, Amazon

I love Clinique. I have really sensitive skin, and most products don't actually do anything for my skin. But Clinique always does. Their three step system consists of a mild soap, a clarifying toner, and a moisturizing lotion. And it works. My skin always feels super soft and moisturized. Plus, I love that it's only three steps to glowing skin. (And you can get them in travel size, which is amazing).

10. Say Goodbye To Dark Circles And Puffiness

Malin + Goetz Rice Bran Eye Moisturizer, $60, Amazon

My friend told me that this eye moisturizer is amazing because it eliminates the redness around eyes. It's full of amino acids that restore firmness to the skin around that sensitive area. It is free of parabens, silicones, and synthetic dyes, so it won't irritate your eyes like some creams do. And although the tube is really small, you only need to use a pea-sized amount for both eyes. The oil-free lotion will leave you feeling moisturized and hydrated day and night.

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