The #AaliyahForMAC Petition Is Picking Up Steam

by Rachel Nussbaum

Tale as old as time: M.A.C. fans are petitioning for a superstar to get her own collection on The grassroots campaign for an Aaliyah for M.A.C. collection has been going since last July (after the M.A.C. X Selena collection was announced), but it's been a slow burn. With 22,443 current supporters out of a desired 25,000, the campaign is gaining traction. Bustle has reached out to M.A.C. for comment on the petition.

Given the success of the Selena collection, who's to say it couldn't become a reality? Similar to the M.A.C. x Selena campaign (which wound up with 37,762 signatures) this petition wants to continue the star's legacy with a collection that reflects both the community of M.A.C. shoppers and the brand's values.

In the petition, fan Jennifer Risinger writes: "Aaliyah stands for M.A.C.'s mission of 'All ages, All races, All sexes.' She was a risk taker, innovator, edgy, street but sweet, & R and B's Princess. She continues to influence today's mainstream artist & people around the world still love and celebrate her life and music every year... Our ‪mission‬ is simple, we want her legacy to continue and be reintroduced through a collection with M.A.C. Cosmetics."

The petition also lists the high-profile supporters of the campaign, among them Rashad Haughton, Aaliyah's brother, Aaliyah LLC, and close friend Missy Elliott. The campaign gets specific, mentioning that they're hoping to see "eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipliners, lipglosses, contour & highlight, beauty powder, false lashes, eyebrow pencils that represent and are inspired by Aaliyah" in a potential collection.

The campaign has effectively stormed social media, with Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts devoted to the cause. The reception is there, with the initiative's Insta followers numbering 17.1k — fans seem rabid for the idea, some even mocking up product images.

Things are no less passionate on Twitter, where digital movements are a force to be reckoned with.

The Selena collection is giving everyone hope.

Emojis are out in full force.

People are growing seriously impatient.

Even beyond graphic design, the passion is there.

Although the graphic design is definitely impressive.

Whether M.A.C. creates this collection or not, it's clear Aaliyah's fans are as passionate as ever.