'Vogue' Omits Kanye West's Reflection, Scares Readers Everywhere

We've had suspicions for some time that there was something unusual about Kanye West's meteoric rise to fame, and now we have proof: Kanye might be a vampire. Kimye's Vogue spread includes a photo in which Kanye has no reflection in a background mirror — and isn't that the telltale sign?

Vogue went unabashedly meta in their spread, taking a picture of Kanye West taking a picture of Kim Kardashian taking a picture, reflected in a mirror. (Perhaps the magazine was trying to say something about the overabundance of selfies and the celebrities who take them?) What's being talked about, however, is that Kanye's reflection doesn't show up in the mirror behind Kim and North. The error is quite an oversight on the part of Vogue, whose Photoshop mastery knows no bounds and has notably enraged celebrities in the past.

Perhaps someone at Vogue went a little airbrush-happy, or maybe the Twilight/Vampire Academy/Dracula craze has finally take its toll on our impressionable minds. Regardless, something really isn't right with this photo, and many have called the magazine on it:

Responses to the observation ranged from bemused to droll, with Twitter user Political Line responding:

Twitter user Matt Novak cheerfully mocked the serious setup of the photo, tweeting:

While we'll likely never know if it was an intentional choice on the part of Vogue or if it was an editorial error, we do have the distinct pleasure of finally seeing someone parody what would happen if Kanye's reflection portrayed his personality instead of his image.