These Women Are Speaking Out About Trump's Culture

In response to Donald Trump's ugly 2005 comments about "grabbing [women] by the pussy," countless women are bravely stepping forward to tell their stories of the times that men, reveling in the culture the Republican nominee praises, did just that. In Bustle's new video, six women talk about being grabbed without their consent — with Trump's words written across their bodies. It's a powerful look into how the Republican nominee's words are reflected back and acted out in everyday life, from the workplace to the playground.

The women have Trump's exact quotes scrawled on their bodies at the beginning of the video, and eventually smear them as they recount their stories of assault. One woman's legs feature Trump's "she had blood coming out of her wherever" line, while another has "you wouldn't have your job if you weren't beautiful" written on half of her face, with "beautiful" etched onto the other side.

The stories these woman share in the video span all aspects of everyday life — like men sticking their hands down the women's pants on public transportation, or a story of one woman being grabbed at a concert when she was only fifteen.

The harrowing reality we've seen from this election is that the type of person that does that to a stranger, sadly, is the same kind that is emboldened by Trump's words. Some surely believe that "locker room talk" becomes even more acceptable when the man saying it has command of an entire political party.

More and more of Trump's "locker room talk" has become uncovered since the Access Hollywood tapes were released last week. In another disturbing video from 1992 that surfaced this week, Trump remarks to a group of young girls that he would be "dating one of them in ten years." CBS reports that the girl Trump was referring to was 10 years old, and that he would have been 46 at the time.

Like the words displayed in Bustle's video, this is the exact type of rhetoric that creates space for sexual assault. It's our duty as women — and human beings — to ensure that there is no room for "locker room talk" inside the White House.