How To Wear Latex Clothing Like Kylie Jenner

Thanks to fetishists and/or the author of Fifty Shades Of Grey, wearing latex clothing gets a bad rap. We've come to associate it primarily with kinky sex games (no judge) or the covers of old Blink 182 albums. But the Kardashians and Jenners, with their forward thinking (and sometimes insane) fashion choices, are starting to change that perception. Kim is always "stepping out" in latex skirts and dresses, Khloé is an avid believer in the rule of "When in Vegas, wear latex," and earlier this week Kylie Jenner wore at least four different latex outfits for her cover shoot with Complex magazine. But are you ready to wear latex clothing like a Kardashian?

Admittedly, latex may not be the easiest fabric to wear. Between yanking it over every curve of your body and trying to manage sweat in places you don't normally like to sweat (after all, it is basically like wearing rubber). Plus, it's squeaky. However, it can look endlessly chic and add an unexpected element of texture to your look, as long as you're down with squeezing yourself into an outfit that may feel like saran wrap all day long.

Kim spent most of 2015 coated in neutral-colored plastic, and showed us all that it's an amazing way to feel confident, sexy and look fierce as hell. "Latex has to be so exact and fit perfectly. You need lubricant to put it on. It's a crazy feeling but looks sooooo good!" Kim says in a post on her app.

Here are eleven other tips on how to add latex to your wardrobe (outside of kinky roleplaying, unless that's your thing) and pieces to consider investing in.

I promise only one of them is from a website called "" Though apparently, you should invest in an oil based lubricant before buying any of them.

1. Pick A Pastel

Kim Latex Underwire Mini Slip Dress, $85, Asos

I don't think there's any question as to which "Kim" this dress was named after. If you're really feeling the Kardashian-West latex vibes, throw on an enormous fur coat and a pair of stilettos with this mini dress and walk out of a 5-star hotel in New York shielding your face from the paparazzi. Bonus points if you find an adorable little girl to put in a matching outfit a la North West.

2. Choose Longer Lengths

Black Latex Pencil Skirt, $48, Pyrettas Lair

Choose a longer length skirt and a neutral color to add sophistication to your latex look (a sentence I never thought I would write, but it's true!). I apologize in advance for thigh chafing.

3. Look For Coverage

House of Harlot Bambi Latex Bra, $53, Asos

Latex bras may seem like they should be reserved for the bedroom (or, err, the red room), but this soft pink shade and full-coverage shape make this piece wearable in the real world. No nipple covers (or clamps) required!

4. Consider Investing

Couture Latex Dress, $376, Atsuko Kudo

The thought of "cheap latex" is a little terrifying, so if you're really serious about taking the trend to the next level, consider investing in something that won't feel totally like rubber when you try to pull it on over your head. This is the company that makes most of Kim's looks, according to her website, so you know for sure it's Kardashian-approved.

5. Opt For A One Piece

Yes, this bodysuit comes with an "optional crotch zipper," but styled the right way it could easily double as streetwear (and not "streetwalker" wear). Pair with a below-the-knee skirt and oversized blazer, or chic black boyfriend pants, a chunky open knit and heels.

6. Downplay The Shine

Honey Couture Nude Vegan Leather Body Con Dress, $209, Pop Map

Not ready to go full latex? Try vegan leather instead, which gives the same tight, shiny vibes without the whole "being wrapped in rubber" thing.

7. Embrace The Legging

Latex Leggings, $45, Love Honey

Full disclosure: I own a pair of these, and wear them everywhere. Pair with an oversized sweater and black ankle boots during the day, and stilettos and a flowy #goingouttop at night. Even though they're technically leggings, they totally count as pants (though I can't promise your boss will believe that argument).

8. Accessorize

Shirleen Lucite Patent Leather Boots, $20, Ebay

If head to toe latex isn't your thing, try it on just your toes. Opt for a pair of boots (the lower, the better... thigh highs may be a little much) and wear them with anything all winter long.

9. Watch For Cut

Glam Pencil Dress, $260, Vex Clothing

A high neckline, like the one on this black dress dress, makes latex look (oddly) a little bit more office appropriate. Plus, this piece is from a line called "Kim West Latex," so you know it must be at least kind of close to what a Kardashian would actually wear.

10. Mix & Match Pieces

Groove Halter Top, $35, William WildePersephone Pencil Skirt, $68, William Wilde

Head to toe black latex may feel a little BDSM, but if you want the full on latex look try pairing a black piece with one in a lighter color.

11. Pick A Print

Briza Dress, $279, Arditaff

This dress is completely customizable, so you can perfect every aspect of it to make you feel like your sexiest self. Breaking up the full liquid leather look with piping or a print makes it look more interesting, and will help you feel less like a tightly wrapped spare tire.

Images: KimKardashian/KylieJenner/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands