These Harry Potter Makeup Brushes Are Magical

Lovers of the wizarding world, rejoice! It's as if our "accio" summoning charm actually worked: The Harry Potter makeup product of our dreams is officially here. New beauty brand "Storybook Cosmetics" announced their Harry Potter makeup brushes via Instagram on Thursday, and safe to say people (myself included) are freaking out.

The collection includes five different brushes shaped like wands, which will hopefully give all of us some sort of magical makeup-perfecting powers. The wands vary in shape and size, which is an homage to all of the different options the wizards have in the book (though hopefully none of these are linked with He Who Cannot Be Named). The three smaller brushes (angled, smudge and round shadow brushes) can be used to apply eyeshadow, while the two bigger brushes are meant for blending and dusting powder around the brow bone. You can also use the bigger brushes with highlighter to lumos your cheekbones and cupid bow (sorry, I had to).

Harry Potter makeup has been having a serious moment recently, and you can get all kinds of Wizard-inspired makeup from Indie brand Shiro Cosmetics to apply use with the wand brushes. After all, what goes better with a bronze smoky eye than caramel-colored lips that taste like... yup, you guessed it: Butterbeer.

The brushes are set to launch in the next six weeks, though details on exactly when are TBD. Fans are stoked:

The company is only operating off of its Instagram page right now (as in, there's no website) so keep your eyes on their feed for updates.

No word on whether these magic wands will be sold at Ollivanders or they'll help you curse your enemies, but hey, a girl can dream.

Images: ShiroCosmetics; Storybookcosmetics/Instagram