These #TrumpDrSeuss Tweets Are Poetic Justice

by Morgan Brinlee

History is shared, taught, and reflected on in a lot of different ways. The stories of U.S. presidents, for example, are detailed mainly via dry textbook accounts, in catchy mnemonic devices, or, if you're lucky, through hip-hop Broadway musicals. But thanks to a few clever folks on Twitter, it seems the story of Republican nominee Donald Trump's presidential campaign may be best told in Seussical rhyme. Yes, you read that right. Under the hashtag #TrumpDrSeuss, Twitter users roasted Trump and his policies through rhyme on Thursday, serving up hilarious Trump takes on some of Theodor Seuss Geisel's most popular lines.

It's not 100 percent clear why Twitter took to Seussifying Trump with such hilarious force. Perhaps it was this comparison between Trump and the Grinch from the official Twitter account of HuffPost Comedy. Perhaps it was because we're nearing the anniversary of when Trump helped Jimmy Kimmel read a fake, Trump-inspired Dr. Seuss parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Perhaps it was one man's recent epiphany that Trump's campaign is almost perfectly foretold by Dr. Seuss' The Sneetches and Other Stories. Or perhaps the 2016 election has finally reached a point where the word "bizarre" just no longer seems to adequately describe the state of American politics. However it came to be, #TrumpDrSeuss — like the children's books that inspired it — is magically creative.

Here are some of the best #TrumpDrSeuss tweets to be tweeted on Twitter on Thursday.

Will You Please Go Now!

We don't care how.

I Do Not Like ...

This one is too easy.

Because as you'll see.

There's so much not to like.

From ugly hearts to awful hate.

Trump really is not so great.

Today You Are You

But being "you" isn't such a good thing here.

In A Box With A Fox? In A House With A Mouse?

No groping, please.

Or grabbing either.

As hilarious as many of the tweets under the #TrumpDrSeuss hashtag are, let's not let the comedy detract from the issues at hand. As Twitter pointed out, there are many things they "do not like."

Image: ABC (1)