Pumpkin Spice Sneakers Are Now A Thing & Shoe Lovers Are Really Into It — PHOTOS

First came the pies, then the lattes, then the cookies. Then, the nail art, the alcoholic drink, and now, we've reached its peak: Saucony's pumpkin spice sneaker is now a thing, and I must say, we have to stop the pumpkin spice obsession before we start building our houses with pumpkin spice. They've proliferated our beauty products, our foods, and now, our footwear, too?! I'm calling it: we've taken it way too far.

Listen, I love me some pumpkin flavor. Pumpkin scones from Starbucks are my legitimate obsession. Pumpkin pie is my favorite Thanksgiving dessert. Hell, I'll even use a pumpkin spice scented soap! But there's a point in time where we have to give up and let things just be! When it comes to your shoes, why can't we just leave it alone?

Saucony apparently saw an opportunity and seized it. It makes perfect sense that they've created the "Pumpkin Spice" Grid SD, according to High Snobiety, in the middle of fall, when it's officially cold enough to pull out all of your sweaters and order a hot latte every day. Leaves are falling, winds are chilling, and pumpkin spice sneakers are out and about.

So, what's the sneaker look like? Well, what you'd expect them to, actually.

OK, I actually want a pair for myself.

Looks so dope!

This close up is everything.

Brown, orange, and white, the pumpkin spice Saucony Grid SD looks exactly like what your pumpkin spice latte looks like. Cozy, warm, and totally delicious. According to High Snobiety, the shoe is made with a G.R.I.D. cushioning system, which basically means it's super soft. Perforated in the front, you get some serious style points with this one, too.

You into it? Seems like Twitter has mixed feelings.

The Saucony Grid SD "Pumpkin Spice" will retail for $120. And, in about a week, on Oct. 13, you can get yourself a pair sold online at saucony.com. Mark your calendars!

OK, I might have dragged pumpkin spice a bit, but I have to admit, this sneaker is pretty cool. Maybe we can name them "Fall" or "Autumn" instead of pumpkin spice? Can we reach a compromise here? Regardless — totally agree with the Twitter user above. This colorway is straight fire, and I can't deny that. If a piece of fashion ever epitomized the fall season, it's this shoe, for sure.

Images: Saucony Blog