A 'Notorious' Love Story Ended In Tragedy

Notorious’ central conflict of an Internet billionaire, his murdered wife, and his possibly backstabbing best friend and business partner always perturbed me — there were just so many moving pieces and possible suspects and motives and alibis. I don’t know about you, but I like my procedural shows a little simpler. Notorious’ biggest story resolved itself partly, but unfortunately with tragic results — Levi admitted he was in love with Oscar on Notorious , and then he committed suicide in front of Julia.

Looking back, the signs were all there. Levi was obsessed with Oscar’s marriage to his now-deceased wife, Sarah; he catfished Oscar into revealing intimate personal details about the business and his marriage; and he sent photos of Sarah after she had slept with Jake. For a man who was a pal and a business partner, he sure cared a whole lot about Oscar’s personal life. Turns out he was obsessed with Oscar because he was in love with him. After Oscar went on Louise Herrick Live and blamed Levi for Sarah’s death, Levi took it as a sign that he and Oscar would never be together, so he invited Julia over and shot himself with a newly purchased handgun. Ugh. It’s so sad that it had to end this way.

So what happens now with all of this Oscar business? He’s in jail for Sarah’s murder, and Levi, who is the only suspect that Jake could name that wasn’t Oscar, is dead. Will Oscar be stuck in jail? Will Levi’s secret get out? All I know is, Notorious eliminated a lot of possible plot points by Levi leaving the show. We’ll see where it goes from here.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; Giphy